Pokemon Fan Creates Unique Serperior Kalos Regional Form

A Pokemon fan imagines what it would be like if Serperior received a Kalos regional form, taking influence from the real-world Kalos equivalent.

Pokemon Fan Creates Unique Serperior Kalos Regional Form


  • Fans love creating regional forms for Pokemon, like this Kalos regional Serperior, changing typings and designs.
  • Just-Drawing-Mons' regional Serperior form is inspired by France, with a rapier tail referencing French history.

A Pokemon fan has shared a unique design for Serperior, imagining if the Pokemon had a Kalosian regional form. The regional redesign takes inspiration from the origins of Pokemon's Kalos region, and switches up the Pokemon's typing.

Fan-made regional forms for Pokemon are a popular creative pasttime for many players of the series. As the Pokemon games have gradually added new forms and evolutions for Pokemon, players have come up with their own ideas, often granting new forms to Pokemon overlooked by Game Freak. While each new mainline game tends to include a few tweaks to existing Pokemon, fans' imaginations help to cover the hundreds of remaining creatures that haven't gotten the same treatment yet.

Such is the case with Pokemon fan Just-Drawing-Mons, who shared their latest idea for a regional form. In this case, they came up with a Kalosian form for Serperior. The Pokemon, which is normally a Grass-type, has been changed around to Grass/Steel-typing. The overall design of the Pokemon is similar, but its color has become a more muted greenish-gray, with pale yellow highlights. The Pokemon now has more reptilian-looking eyes with a narrow vertical pupil, wears a ponytail on the top of its head, and its tail ends in a rapier-esque sword shape.

While Just-Drawing-Mons didn't share the reasoning behind their design, the tail choice is likely due to the influence of Kalos itself. According to Pokemon series dev Junichi Masuda, Kalos is based upon France. The rapier, while originating in Spain, is largely known these days as a weapon that was popular in historical France. The sword was popularly used in duels in the country during the 18th century, and continues to be used in the sport of fencing.

Serperior and the French Influence

Aside from Kalos itself, it makes sense for a Serperior regional form to draw further from the French influence that's already part of its inherent design. Ken Sugimori has previously stated that the Pokemon's original design and evolutionary line are based upon "western culture," but particularly the French-themed manga Rose of Versailles.

There are several other elements of the Pokemon that have also led fans to suspect further French influence, including the fleur-de-lis-like shape on the chest of the creature. If the games ever added an official Kalos regional form for Serperior, there's a strong chance that it would lean even further into the French theme, like the design Just-Drawing-Mons has come up with. However, it's also possible that Game Freak would move the Pokemon further away from the French aesthetic and come up with a regional form from another area, to make the difference between the two versions more distinguishable.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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