Pokemon Fan Designs Hammerhead Version of Garchomp

A Pokemon fan and artist finds inspiration in hammerhead sharks in real life and redesigns Garchomp and Gible to be more like them.

Pokemon Fan Designs Hammerhead Version of Garchomp


  • A fan adds a unique Hammerhead Shark twist to Gible and Garchomp, reshaping their appearance and gaining attention from Pokemon enthusiasts.
  • Speculation arises on potential new Dragon/Water or Electric/Ground-type versions of Gible and Garchomp, inspired by real-world attributes of hammerhead sharks.
  • Despite Garchomp's history in the Pokemon series, its future remains uncertain, with fans eagerly anticipating its potential appearance in upcoming games.

A Pokemon fan has reimagined Gible and Garchomp, giving the two Pokemon a hammerhead shark twist. The interesting mash-up has gained attention from Pokemon players, and gives an idea of how the shark inspiration could have changed Garchomp's appearance, or even what an alternate form could someday look like.

Gible and Garchomp are Dragon/Ground Pokemon, despite the shark inspiration in their appearances. Both Pokemon have dorsal fins, and while Garchomp is a fully upright, bipedal Pokemon that can fly, it doesn't lose its shark-like qualities. While some of the elements of the Pokemon are occasionally compared to hammerhead sharks, it isn't a very strong resemblance, but this fanart changes all that.

Pokemon fan Saurgazing shared their idea for what Gible and Garchomp could look like with a stronger influence from real-world hammerhead sharks. Both Pokemon maintain their overall shape and design, but the head has completely transformed on both of them. Their heads have been flattened and spread out into the iconic T-shape cephalofoil design that real-life hammerhead sharks are known for. Their eyes have also shifted, with one on either side of the T-shape, further mimicking the real-world counterparts. The two have also lost their red and yellow coloring, switching to a bluish-gray color scheme instead.

Saurgazing didn't provide any background information on their design, but that hasn't stopped fellow Pokemon fans from sharing their ideas. While imagining that these two Pokemon designs could be Dragon/Water-type variants is to be expected, one fan in particular thought that this version of Garchomp might be an Electric/Ground-type. Their logic is that real-world hammerhead sharks have a very keen sense of electrical sensitivity, allowing them to find their prey with ease. Rather than this Pokemon living in the water, the Garchomp variant might still be found in the sky, hunting its prey with its newly-arranged eyes and electrical senses.

The Past and Future of Garchomp

While Garchomp hasn't received a reigonal variant yet, the Pokemon has been a common sight in games since its inception. Joining the series back in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the creature has made an appearance in every mainline game since, with the exception of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. It was a great choice to appear in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, since sharks are often extremely long-lived and their species date back millions of years in real life. With Pokemon Legends: Arceus going back in time, it makes sense for the Pokemon to have already established itself as a ferocious hunter.

It remains to be seen if Garchomp will maintain this streak and make an appearance in the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Z-A. As Garchomp already has a Mega Evolution, and the mechanic is returning in Z-A, it's possible that it's a shoo-in for the title. However, nothing is set in stone until Game Freak begins revealing the roster of creatures that will make the cut.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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