Pokemon Fan Designs Mega Evolutions For Aurorus and Pawmot

A talented Pokemon artist shares his Mega Evolution designs for Aurorus and Pawmot, and reveals curious references for the artwork.

Pokemon Fan Designs Mega Evolutions For Aurorus and Pawmot


  • Pokemon fan designs Mega Evolutions for Aurorus & Pawmot, impressing the community with creative new forms.
  • Mega Aurorus gains longer flowing sails & crystals, while Mega Pawmot gets a new look with orange glowing hands.
  • Artist PewZero's concepts for Mega Evolutions are praised for their simplicity, fitting naturally into Pokemon lore.

A talented Pokemon fan has designed Mega Evolutions for Aurorus and Pawmot, earning praise from the community. Pokemon introduced Mega Evolutions in Gen 6 and the gimmick will return with Pokemon Legends: Z-A. Since the announcement of the third Gen 9 game, fans have created countless Mega Evolution fan art pieces, sharing new takes on Pokemon from different generations.

Aurorus is a critter featured in Gen 6 that is part of the fossil Pokemon group. The Pokemon is a quadruped that evolves into Amaura by leveling up at night from level 39 and has flowing sails that change color to reflect the Pokemon's mood. Pawmot is one of the Pokemon that debuted in Gen 9, being Pawmi's final form and Pawmo's evolution. Like Aurorus, Pawmo has an evolution gimmick that is different from usual. It evolves into Pawmo when it levels up outside the Poke Ball, and after the trainer walks 1000 steps using the Let's Go feature. Using his creativity, a Pokemon fan showed what it would be like if the two creatures got new forms.

Twitter user PewZero designed Mega Evolutions for Aurorus and Pawmot and shared the impressive result online. Mega Aurorus has received a design that gives the Pokemon even more elegance by lengthening the size of the Pokemon's flowing sails, with two crystals at the tip of each sail. The Pokemon's nose has a three-pointed crystal, which while slightly modifying the original design, keeps the essence of Aurorus being a Pokemon based on a dinosaur. The artist revealed that his inspiration for the artwork was Project Voltage, the Pokemon Company's collaboration with Hatsune Miku that reimagines the Vocaloid as a trainer of all 18 Pokemon types.

Pokemon Fan Shares Mega Evolution Concepts for Aurorus and Pawmot

With Mega Pawmot, the Pokemon artist increased the size of the shaggy tufts of fur on the Pokemon's forehead, while the tufts around its neck went from orange to white. The Pokemon has gained a longer tail, and while part of the design of the Pikachu clone featured in Gen 9 has remained the same, Pawmot's hands are the biggest change. They've been given an orange glow with a white palm, and a design inspired by the karate gloves used by Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Mega Evolutions of Aurorus and Pawmot stand out for their captivating simplicity, with the artist betting on concepts that sound very natural. Although fans still don't know which Pokemon will get Mega Evolutions in Legends Z-A, the duo presented by PewZero would have no trouble finding a place in the roster.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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