Pokemon Fan Designs Metagross-Themed Monster Hunter Armor

An artistically talented Pokemon fan comes up with their own Monster Hunter armor concept based on the popular Pokemon Metagross.

Pokemon Fan Designs Metagross-Themed Monster Hunter Armor


  • Pokemon and Monster Hunter fans are loving a fan-made Metagross armor concept that cleverly utilizes its body parts.
  • Metagross, a Steel/Psychic Pokemon, has high stats and is now available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC.
  • Other fan-made crossover concepts include Rayquaza Monster Hunter armor, hinting at the viability of official collaborations.

A creative Pokemon fan has come up with a creative concept of armor for a Monster Hunter character, based off of the popular Pokemon Metagross. The fan-made armor set, which cleverly utilizes many of the distinguishable body components that make up Metagross, seems to be grabbing the attention of quite a few Pokemon and Monster Hunter fans alike.

A dual-type Steel/Psychic pseudo-legendary first introduced in Pokemon's third generation, Metagross has long been a favorite of competitive Pokemon trainers everywhere, thanks in part to its high overall stats, particularly in that of Attack and Defense. Although initially unavailable, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC added Metagross to the games, although trainers will need to start with catching a Beldum or Metang if they want to avoid 5- or 6-star raids.

The Metagross Monster Hunter armor in question comes from a Reddit user named BastisantosArt, who posted their work to one of the site's primary Pokemon pages. The armor set is undoubtedly impressive, making clever use of many of Metagross's body parts. The feet, forearms, and shoulders appear to feature Metagross claws, with its metallic body making up the armored plating. The shoulders and knees feature the eyes of a Metagross, with its signature metallic cross repeated across the face and chest. The set's final version looks intimidating and cohesive, similar to some of the Monster Hunter series' Layered Armor.

Monster Hunter x Pokemon Crossovers

While the Metagross-inspired Monster Hunter armor is certainly impressive, another fan recently had a similar idea, and took things one step further. A couple of months ago, another Pokemon fan designed Rayquaza Monster Hunter armor, along with weapon designs. The Pokemon-inspired armor makes equally clever use of its inspiration source, translating identifiable bodily components of Rayquaza into a sleek full set of armor and two different types of weapons. The artist also gave Rayquaza a Monster Hunter makeover, adapting it to the series' Elder Dragon designs.

Even though the fan-made Pokemon-inspired Monster Hunter armor sets aren't official, the amount of thought and detail put into them could be a signal that a proper crossover could be in order. However, Monster Hunter is crossing over with another popular franchise, albeit a rather unexpected one. Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter are collaborating in celebration of the latter's 20th anniversary, bringing various Monster Hunter weapons and cosmetics to the popular fighting title. Introducing Monster Hunter elements to Pokemon may be too violent, but adding Pokemon content to Monster Hunter — like the armor above — could be a winning combination.

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