Pokemon Fan Designs Their Own Sylveon Shoes


  • Pokemon fans express love for the franchise through unique creations like one fan's custom Nike sneakers inspired by Sylveon.
  • With the franchise growing stronger, fans eagerly await new Pokemon releases in Generation 10.

A crafty Pokemon fan customized a pair of Nike Dunk sneakers and gave them a Sylveon-inspired makeover. The fan shared their creation online and impressed other Pokemon lovers with their attention to detail in the design.

Pokemon has one of the largest fanbases in the video game industry and everyday members of its community express their love through fan creations. Sometimes fans will share their illustrations of their favorite Pokemon while others will spend hours on bigger projects like a life-size Onyx plush. Another popular Pokemon that is often the subject of fan art is Sylveon, one of the eight evolutions of all-time favorite Eevee.

To show their love for Sylveon, Reddit user lakotarobinson customized a pair of Nike Dunks and gave them a makeover based on the Fairy-type Pokemon. The fan shared pictures of the awesome shoes that had been dyed and painted in Sylveon's color palette. As seen in their post, they hand-painted Sylveon's head on the left shoe while they wrote the number 700 on the right shoe, in reference to its Pokedex entry number. They also dyed the sneakers' lace ends in pink and blue stripes as an homage to Sylveon's ribbons. Finally, the user, who previously designed a pair of Pikachu-themed kicks, expressed that their next project will be based on the legendary Pokemon Deoxys.

Pokemon Fan Creates Their Own Sylveon Nike Sneakers

While Pokemon does have official merchandise, fans often decide to design their own pieces of Pokemon goods. Their motivation is to share how devoted they are to Pokemon as well as possessing one-of-a-kind products of their favorite monster. One fan once created some unique copper coins engraved with the Gen 1 starters while another crafted a jumbo Dragonite plush from scratch. This shows how many fans are also incredibly talented artists apart from being Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon has been around for almost thirty years, and with over 1,000 creatures in the Pokedex to draw inspiration from, it's always fun to see what fan creations players will come up with next. The franchise's fanbase grows stronger every year and a recent leak indicated that Pokemon is entering Generation 10 in 2026. Of course, leaks cannot be given much credence but with Pokemon Legends Z-A arriving in 2025, fans are speculating that the announcement of the next wave of new Pokemon will come sooner rather than later.

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