Pokemon Fan Draws Numel and Camerupt As Grass Types

For Earth Day, a Pokemon fan artist redesigns the fiery Pokemon Numel and Camerupt as Grass-type regional variants and shares their work with fans.

Pokemon Fan Draws Numel and Camerupt As Grass Types


  • A Pokemon fan artist reimagined Fire-type Numel and Camerupt as Grass-types, capturing an Earth Day theme.
  • Originally debuting in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 33, gaining the Magma Armor and Solid Rock abilities.
  • The redesigned Grass-type Numel and Camerupt by Poetically_Imperfect received positive reception among fans.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, a Pokemon fan artist recreated Numel and Camerupt, two Fire-type Pokemon, as regional Grass-types to suit the chosen theme. The Pokemon fan artist shared their work with other trainers, who complimented them for turning two Fire Pokemon into creatures that resembled dormant volcanoes reclaimed by nature.

Known respectively as the Numb Pokemon and the Volcano Pokemon, Numel and its evolution Camerupt first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. As a Fire and Ground dual-type Pokemon, Numel can be found in the Fiery Path and the Jagged Pass. Numel evolves into Camerupt, starting at level 33, and gains the abilities Magma Armor and Solid Rock to bolster its defenses. Camerupt was the ace Pokemon of Team Magma's leader, Maxie. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Camerupt was one of a few Pokemon that received a Mega Evolution, which gave it the Sheer Force ability and made it a threat against Grass, Electric, and Steel Pokemon.

While Numel and Camerupt can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, their Fire and Ground-type pairing renders them vulnerable to Water-type attacks. However, one Pokemon fan's redesign would counter this weakness. On Reddit, a user named Poetically_Imperfect, also known as shroodledoodles, redesigned Numel and Camerupt as Grass-type regional variants and shared their work on the r/pokemon subreddit. Numel's body was changed from a light brown to a dark, muddy brown, and two leaves appeared on both its head and the hump on its back. Its eyes were colored green to match its hump, and the shiny version was a more bluish shade. As for Camerupt, its body was covered in grass-like fur, and the blue circles on the side of its body were changed to yellow flowers. The two volcanic humps on its back were changed to resemble cracked flower pots. The Shiny version of Poetically_Imperfect's Camerupt was a darker shade of green with pink flowers.

Pokemon Fan Creates Regional Numel and Camerupt as Grass Types

In the comments, Poetically_Imperfect shared a YouTube video they made that went over their regional Numel and Camerupt in more detail. Known for their previous work on a Pokemon based on the 2024 solar eclipse, Poetically_Imperfect gave Numel and Camerupt abilities such as Leaf Guard and Natural Cure to fit the Earth Day theme and made them slow but effective mixed attackers. One Pokemon fan compared the regional Numel and Camerupt designs to dormant volcanoes that had been overrun with plant life.

With various Pokemon being turned into Grass-type variants by artists, the imaginations of Pokemon trainers continue to grow. It remains to be seen what fans such as Poetically_Imperfect will create next.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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