Pokemon GO Adds New PokeStop That The Vast Majority of Players Will Never Get to Use

Pokemon GO introduces a brand-new PokeStop to the augmented reality mobile game that the vast majority of players will never get to use.

Pokemon GO Adds New PokeStop That The Vast Majority of Players Will Never Get to Use


  • Niantic recently added a PokeStop to Antarctica, benefiting two scientists stationed at the Davis Research Station.
  • PokeStops are key for Pokemon GO players to collect items and gifts, but rural and remote areas may struggle with limited stops.
  • Pokemon GO has PokeStops and gyms on all continents, showing the game's global reach and popularity.

Niantic has added a fresh PokeStop to Pokemon GO in a remote region of Antarctica, meaning the vast majority of the game's players will never even have the chance to use it. PokeStops are an integral part of the Pokemon GO experience. They give gamers the chance to collect some helpful free items for their Pokemon-catching adventures, plus there are other game mechanics tied to them as well.

For example, Pokemon GO players can spin PokeStops for the chance to get a gift, which can then be shipped off to people on their friends list. PokeStops can also be equipped with special lures to attract specific kinds of Pokemon for a limited time. The lack of PokeStops in rural or remote areas can make it more difficult for Pokemon GO players to properly enjoy the game, giving those in cities a significant advantage.

Sometimes Niantic adds new PokeStops to Pokemon GO, and in fact, it just recently added a new one to Antarctica. As reported by The Independent, Pokemon GO added a PokeStop to the southern end of Antarctica at the Davis Research Station. This was due to the request of two scientists stationed there that enjoy playing Pokemon GO. Prior to Niantic stepping in an adding this new PokeStop, the duo had no PokeStops within a reasonable distance to visit.

Pokemon GO Has Multiple PokeStops in Antarctica

However, this isn't the first time that Niantic has added a Pokemon GO PokeStop to Antarctica. Last year, a Pokemon GO player stationed at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica reported that there were five PokeStops and three gyms near their location. This means that Pokemon GO players can collect items for the popular augmented reality mobile game on literally every continent on Earth.

Pokemon GO players don't have to travel all the way to Antarctica to find PokeStops and gyms with little traffic. For example, a Pokemon GO player recently shared the story about how they discovered a gym located in the mountains. The gym had been successfully defended for nearly three years by a shiny Jolteon, meaning very few Pokemon GO players had ever seen it.

Pokemon GO may not be quite as big as it was at the height of its popularity, but the game is still enjoyed by many players to this day. Niantic is looking to keep fans engaged with the game through regular updates, and in fact, it just recently teased that Pokemon GO has a big update on the way.

Franchise Pokemon Platform(s) iOS , Android Released July 6, 2016 Developer(s) Niantic , The Pokemon Company Publisher(s) Niantic Genre(s) Augmented Reality Multiplayer Online Multiplayer Engine Unity

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