Pokemon GO Player Finds Consistent Way To Find Three Extremely Rare Pokemon

A Pokemon GO player possibly finds a trick to find three of the rarest Pokemon that others have been struggling to catch.

Pokemon GO Player Finds Consistent Way To Find Three Extremely Rare Pokemon

A Pokemon GO player seems to have cracked the code to catch the Galarian Birds. What's interesting to note is that a few other Pokemon GO fans have also confirmed that they have had similar experiences, which puts forward a compelling case for the trick.

The Galarian Birds, comprising Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos were added to Pokemon GO when they made their debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra expansion. Since then, they have been quite infamous for being one of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO. While the fact that they can only be encountered via Daily Incense spawns is one of the factors, encountering a Galarian Bird is only a small part of the battle won. This is because the escape rate of the Galarian Birds is extremely high. However, a player seems to have found a way to make catching them easier, to some extent.

In a post on the Pokemon GO subreddit user cutiepatatao highlights their experience, which suggests the Galarian Birds' spawn behavior might not be random after all. While taking a different route for school, they found Galarian Zapdos and Articuno on the same day, which made them ponder over something they had heard previously; that being that Galarian Birds might have set spawn locations.

Galarian Bird Spawns Might Not Be Random After All

Upon trying different routes for several other days, they didn't have another encounter until they decided to take that route once again. And surprisingly, a Galarian Zapdos spawned once again in that route. While there is a slim chance that this could all be a coincidence, it seems like that is far from the case. This is due to the fact that several other players also emphasized that they had similar experiences, and found the Galarian Birds spawning repeatedly in a specific route.

In fact, one player highlighted that they regularly used their Daily Incense on a particular route in Pokemon GO and had several encounters with the Galarian Birds, which eventually helped them to catch all three elusive Pokemon. However, the player also noted that soon after that, the Galarian Birds stopped spawning along that route, so it could be a mere coincidence. So, if players fail to catch a Galarian Bird, they should definitely try using Daily Incense on the same route again.

That being said, it is still going to be an arduous task to actually catch the Galarian Birds in Pokemon GO, and players might need to use their beloved Master Ball to get the Pokemon,

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