Pokemon GO Players Stuck on 6-Year-Old Quest Should Keep an Eye on April 22

It seems that many fans of the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO are stuck on a 6-year-old Special Research quest.

Pokemon GO Players Stuck on 6-Year-Old Quest Should Keep an Eye on April 22

Many Pokemon GO players are stuck on the 6-year-old Special Research quest Let's GO Meltan thanks to its particularly challenging objectives. Pokemon GO Special Research quests give players the chance to add rare Pokemon to their roster by completing objectives. Sometimes these Special Research quests are straight-forward and easy to complete, but other times, they can prove to be quite the challenge.

There are many factors that can influence the challenge level of any given Pokemon GO Special Research quest, but the biggest thing that keeps fans from completing them is lack of availability when it comes to certain Pokemon. Pokemon GO wild spawns change regularly, and there are times when certain Pokemon are virtually impossible to find in the wild. In turn, this can leave Pokemon GO players stuck on certain Special Research quests in the game for extended periods of time.

There are multiple Special Research quests that are problematic like this, but one in particular that seems to be causing quite a bit of headaches is Let's Go Meltan, which was first added to the game all the way back in 2018. Reddit user SSNym shared their struggles with completing page 8/9 of the Let's Go Meltan Special Research, as they are stuck on the objective to catch two Omanyte or Kabuto. They said that they were "embarrassed" to admit that they are still stuck on the quest, but judging by the comment section, they are certainly not alone.

There are other Pokemon GO players struggling with the very same objective, while others are stuck on different parts of the Let's Go Meltan Special Research quest. For example, one commenter revealed that not only do they still need to catch another Omanyte or Kabuto, but they also still need to catch two Lileep or Anorith. Other players said that they were still stuck on Page 3 of the quest, which requires them to catch a Ditto.

Others still expressed their frustration at their inability to catch Pokemon like Aerodactyl or Cubone, which are difficult to find in the wild at the time of this writing. While many Pokemon GO players have been struggling with the Let's Go Meltan Special Research, the good news is that there is hope on the horizon.

Pokemon GO Rediscover Kanto Starts on April 22

As part of the Rediscover initiative for Pokemon GO, Niantic is kicking off the Rediscover Kanto event on Monday, April 22. While specifics as to what this event will entail have not been revealed at the time of this writing, it's likely that the event will see a massive increase in Kanto region Pokemon spawns. This could go a long way in helping players catch a Ditto, Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Cubone, etc., in turn helping them finally complete the Let's Go Meltan Special Research quest.

Franchise Pokemon Released July 6, 2016 Developer(s) Niantic , The Pokemon Company Publisher(s) Niantic Genre(s) Augmented Reality Multiplayer Online Multiplayer Engine Unity

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