Pokemon Player Creates Ekans and Boltund Fusion Inspired by Fallout

A Pokemon fan fuses Ekans and Boltund, and the result is impressive for combining two unlikely Pokemon as well as inspiration from Fallout.

Pokemon Player Creates Ekans and Boltund Fusion Inspired by Fallout


  • Pokemon fan merges Ekans and Boltund in Fallout-inspired fusion art, showcasing creativity and unexpected combination.
  • Fusion art retains Boltund's features with Ekans' terrifying eyes and snake-like tail, drawing inspiration from Fallout's Night Stalker.
  • Artist rc1246 combines Pokemon and Fallout elements masterfully, adding a post-apocalyptic twist to the impressive fan art.

A talented Pokemon fan has made a fusion between Ekans and Boltund inspired by one of the creatures from the Fallout franchise. Something that Pokemon fans are very fond of doing in their fan art is fusing the most diverse Pokemon. While the choices sometimes follow a more standard route, it's not uncommon for Pokemon fan art to feature somewhat unexpected fusions.

Ekans is one of the Pokemon featured in Gen 1 that became widely popular for being one of Team Rocket's Pokemon in the Pokemon anime. This Pokemon is one of the critters inspired by real animals, more precisely a rattlesnake, known for its rattle that serves as a defense mechanism. Boltund, on the other hand, is one of the Pokemon featured in Gen 8, being the evolution of the little Yamper. With the appearance of a canine, Boltund stands out for being an Electric-type Pokemon capable of running non-stop for days, thanks to the energy it stores in its legs. Boltund and Ekans are Pokemon with no traits in common, but in a display of great creativity, a Pokemon fan has combined both in impressive fan art.

Reddit user rc1246 shared a fusion of Ekans and Boltund inspired by Fallout's Night Stalker. The fan art keeps Boltund's gray fur and yellow underside, but instead of the face of an adorable Pokemon based on a dog, the fusion has Ekans' terrifying eyes, fangs, and tongue. Parts of the Pokemon's body have the same purple hue as Ekans', and its legs and ears have a less canine design. Its tail follows the idea of a snake's tail, and has a rattle on the end like Ekans.

Pokemon Fan Makes Inventive Fusion of Ekans and Boltund Inspired by Fallout

As well as creating an impressive Pokemon fusion, the OP's work stands out for its inspiration in the Fallout franchise, back in the headlines thanks to the Amazon Prime Video TV show. The artist based their work on the Night Stalker, a disturbing creature found in Fallout New Vegas. The Night Stalker is a coyote and rattlesnake hybrid created by Doctor Borous and one of the most dangerous inhabitants of the Mojave Desert. While the Night Stalker has the body of a canine, its head and tail have the traits of a snake, being able to bark and hiss.

That isn't the first time that rc1246 has shared work of this kind, having previously given the Pokemon treatment to Fallout creatures. With their creative work and clever references, the artist instigates the curiosity of Pokemon fans to imagine how impressive Pokemon with a Fallout twist would be.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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