Popular Final Fantasy 7 Summon Being Saved For Remake Part 3

One of Final Fantasy’s most popular Summons wasn’t featured in the previous two FF7 Remake games, but the developers hint at using it in the next one.

Popular Final Fantasy 7 Summon Being Saved For Remake Part 3


  • The Knights of the Round Summon may make a comeback in the final installment of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's director acknowledged the summons from the original FF7 that have yet to be added to the new games, including Knights of the Round.
  • The absence of Knights of the Round in previous FF7 Remake games has left fans eagerly waiting for its return.

While it never appeared in either of the first two Final Fantasy 7 Remake games, the legendary Knights of the Round Summon is being considered for the trilogy’s third and last installment. One of the main draws of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is seeing how elements from the 1997 original were updated for modern hardware, and that includes powerful Summons like Ifrit and Shiva. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth continued this by allowing players to unlock even more helpful monsters to call upon in battle, with such iconic beasts as Titan and Alexander getting stunning new looks in this year’s JRPG blockbuster.

However, there is one massively popular Final Fantasy 7 Summon that was nowhere to be found in either FF7 Remake or FF7 Rebirth: the near-unstoppable Knights of the Round. This powerful group of armored warriors is the strongest Summon in the original Final Fantasy 7, able to inflict massive damage with its Ultimate End attack, which consists of 13 mighty sword strikes that ignore the enemy’s Magic Defense stat. In the old FF7, players could obtain Knights of the Round by visiting Round Island, a large island located in the far northeast section of the game map that can only be accessed by riding a rare Golden Chocobo.

Neither the Golden Chocobo nor Round Island were featured in either of the two Final Fantasy 7 Remake entries released so far, but the recent Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania reference book suggests that Knights of the Round will make its return in the upcoming third installment. In a passage translated by Twitter user aitaikimochi, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi notes that there are still four Summons from the original game that haven’t appeared in the new series yet, and acknowledges that fans have been eager to see the updated version of Knights of the Round.

Knights of the Round Will Likely Return In Final Fantasy Remake Part 3

The translated passage also reveals that Hamaguchi and his team tried to match each unlockable Summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with the location where the player finds their Summon Sanctuaries. For example, the mighty dragon Bahamut Arisen is discovered in Cosmo Canyon, while the legendary Odin can be recruited in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s doomed town of Nibelheim. Hamaguchi likened this process to trying to fit together pieces of a puzzle, with each Summon tied to the lore of its respective region.

Fans will have to wait until the next Final Fantasy 7 Remake game to see how Knights of the Round fits into that puzzle, and the developers themselves are aware of how much players are looking forward to seeing the powerful Summon again. Knights of the Round is one of the most popular Summons in Final Fantasy thanks to its immense power, and Cloud and his friends will likely need that power to defeat Sephiroth once and for all and save the planet in the third Final Fantasy 7 Remake installment.

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