Popular WWE 2K24 Community Creator Hit With Ban

One of WWE 2K24’s most popular content creators has been banned from the online servers, sparking outrage from fans of their downloadable content.

Popular WWE 2K24 Community Creator Hit With Ban


  • Popular WWE 2K24 creator WhatsTheStatus has been banned for allegedly violating the terms of service, sparking outrage among fans.
  • WhatsTheStatus is known for uploading locked characters and intergender matchups.
  • Fans rallied behind the banned creator, calling for reinstatement.

The popular WWE 2K24 community creator WhatsTheStatus has been banned following claims of him violating the game’s terms of service. In addition to recreating the thrills of a standard episode of Raw or SmackDown, WWE 2K24 gives players a chance to create their own action with custom wrestlers, arenas, and even championship belts. These creations can then be shared with other users through WWE 2K24’s online community, resulting in a vast virtual library of downloadable content for any squared-circle enthusiast to enjoy.

One notable figure in the WWE 2K24 online community is WhatsTheStatus, a character creator and modder known for uploading characters that are normally locked to certain gameplay modes. Some examples include alternate versions of wrestlers featured in MyRise mode or the commentators. He has also uploaded versions of WWE 2K24’s female roster that can compete with their male counterparts, something that they normally can't do in the base game.

Unfortunately for the legions of players who enjoy his uploaded content, WhatsTheStatus has been banned from WWE 2K24’s online servers. Earlier this week, he announced on Twitter that his uploads were removed from the WWE 2K24 Community Creation page without warning. The next day, he revealed that he had been completely and permanently banned due to claims of “inappropriate content,” though the in-game message failed to state the exact content that triggered these complaints. Later on, a representative from 2K reached out to VGC to confirm that WhatsTheStatus had been banned indefinitely.

WWE 2K24 Community Creator’s Ban Sparks Outrage Online

VCG also contacted WhatsTheStatus, who explained that normally users are given a warning before a temporary ban. WhatsTheStatus also speculated on the exact reason for his ban, which he suspects have been related to his intergender wrestling uploads. He pointed out that other users have uploaded similar content without much incident, and that other controversial downloads like former WWE chairman Vince McMahon are still available.

Ever since WhatsTheStatus announced his ban from the WWE 2K24 online community, players have rallied behind the popular content creator across social media, with calls to have him reinstated trending throughout the week. Only time will tell if 2K heeds these calls and restores his account, but in the meantime WhatsTheStatus has voiced his appreciation for his fellow WWE 2K24 players for leading him their support while he waits to see what happens next.

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