Popular Zombie Survival Game Infection Free Zone Gets New Update

Infection Free Zone is a new zombie strategy game that’s gaining plenty of attention, and a new update fine-tunes several details for players.

Popular Zombie Survival Game Infection Free Zone Gets New Update


  • Infection Free Zone's new patch focuses on balancing gameplay and addressing player feedback for a more enjoyable experience.
  • The game offers a unique focus on base building and resource management, reminiscent of popular survival games like Rust and DayZ.
  • Players can expect lower zombie swarms, easier resource management, and improved gameplay mechanics in the latest update, enhancing overall gameplay.

There is a new patch for Infection Free Zone on Steam. Steam is a hot spot for games within the survival genre and many of these games often have addictive gameplay loops that fans don't get tired of. Rust, Valheim, and Palworld are all examples of games that incorporate survival elements and have drawn in large numbers of players in recent years, and Infection Free Zone appears to be doing the same.

Infection Free Zone's focus is on base building and resource management, where players put together the best squad possible to keep zombies out. Like DayZ or others of its kind, Infection Free Zone's content may remind gamers of some of the other dark survival games drawing in hordes of fans.

As it has entered early access, Infection Free Zone has received its first update focused on tuning balance. Numerous changes have been implemented, including lowering zombie swarms and horde amounts in normal and easy mode, lowering construction costs for some buildings, making resource management overall a little simpler, and making several achievements easier for players. The game is quite popular already, but this patch may incentivize newer players to stick around longer. There are plenty of great underrated zombie games on Steam for players who end up wanting a change of pace, but these changes may make players even more interested in what Infection Free Zone has to offer.

Infection Free Zone has plenty of different aspects for players to focus on. Because it is a base building game, players may want to focus on those aspects first. Alongside other facilities, players will need to learn how to build warehouses in Infection Free Zone in order to store more items and allow squads to replenish ammunition. Certain aspects of the game may become simpler for players the more updates come along.

Sometimes in base building games, skills that sound simple, like knowing how to equip weapons in Infection Free Zone may be difficult. Players may need to take their time to get used to all the new features. Infection Free Zone is getting more reviews as time passes. The majority is mixed, but some fans especially appreciate the responsiveness of the developers, as they look forward to more content.

Infection Free Zone New Update Patch Notes

Major balance tweaks:

  • Number of hordes and swarms lowered for normal and easy mode
  • More migrants and answers to your invites
  • Food is easier to find and faster to produce
  • Construction costs are lowered
  • Constructions and deconstructions are now faster
  • Deconstructions give more wood and metal
  • More types of riders groups added
  • Fewer buildings are required to start the game in some regions
  • Some achievements are easier to achieve


  • The game should crash far less often when loading maps
  • Squads on foot should properly start fire when hordes are spotted
  • Squads should properly enter Expeditions now
  • Workers should now enter towers properly
  • Events and markers should cause less problems
  • Dozen of minor UI and animations bugfixes

Known issues (unresolved yet, work in progress!)

  • Weather might get weird after multiple reloads. Better reload near April!
  • The game might not assume optimal performance automatically. Try lowering the settings manually
  • The game still crashes in some regions or small squares of the map might be inaccessible

Platform(s) PC Released April 11, 2024 Developer(s) Jutsu Games Publisher(s) Games Operators Genre(s) Strategy , Simulation

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