PS5 Pro Leak Suggests Big Upgrade

A new PlayStation 5 Pro leak claims to further confirm the upgrades coming in Sony’s next console, which is expected to launch later this year.

PS5 Pro Leak Suggests Big Upgrade


  • A new PS5 Pro leak confirms upgraded GPU and CPU, higher frame rates, improved ray tracing, and PSSR upscaling supported by machine learning.
  • Developers have reportedly been asked to make games compatible with the PS5 Pro, codenamed Trinity.
  • The PS5 Pro is expected to launch in the 2024 holiday season, with upcoming games like Death Stranding 2 potentially taking advantage of the upgraded performance.

A new PlayStation 5 Pro leak further confirms previous rumors surrounding the console's upgrades, which include a significantly improved GPU and slightly improved CPU. Sony expects the next PS5's improvements to allow for more ray tracing and frames per second, along with other enhancements.

In March, a PS5 Pro leak revealed many of the console's specs that will apparently allow for 45% faster GPU rendering, considerably improved ray tracing, and Sony's new PSSR upscaling solution that's supported by machine learning. The higher-end PS5 sounded like a promising product but remained unconfirmed, and technically still is. However, an additional leak gives it even more credence.

The Verge says it obtained a full list of specs for the PS5 Pro and its sources say that developers are being asked to make their games compatible with the unreleased console, which is codenamed Trinity. The upgraded PS5 is still set to include a revamped GPU capable of hitting higher frame rates at higher resolutions, along with significantly improved ray tracing capabilities. Apparently, Sony is encouraging developers to use more GPU-intensive effects like ray tracing in future games, which can earn a PS5 Pro Enhanced label if they utilize the new console's technology. The PS5 Pro includes the same CPU as the standard PS5, but comes with a new mode that allows for the CPU to be overclocked to 3.85 GHz for about a 10% increase. It appears that this mode is activated by a game's needs rather than players themselves.

Leaked PS5 Pro Hardware Upgrades

  • Significantly improved GPU
  • Slightly improved CPU
  • PSSR upscaling that further enhances frames-per-second and resolution
  • Faster system memory
  • Games can use more system memory

The PS5 Pro also comes with improvements to system memory speeds and how much system memory can be allocated to games. The future console's system memory runs at 576 GB/s, which is a 28% increase over the standard PS5, and games on the PS5 Pro can use up to 13.7 GB of system memory compared to the standard PS5's limit of 12.5 GB. According to the leaked documents, the system memory improvements should be useful for the console's PSSR upscaling system that enhances FPS and resolution. The PS5 Pro is expected to launch during 2024's holiday season.

The PS5 Pro's launch will likely be followed by new games that aim to take advantage of the console's upgraded performance. Recent rumors indicate that a Ghost of Tsushima 2 reveal could be happening soon.

The PlayStation brand will likely see other major video game releases in 2025, such as Death Stranding 2. If Sony follows the trend seen in PlayStation's last generation of consoles, the PS5 Pro would be the last Sony console until the next generation launches.

Brand Sony Original Release Date November 12, 2020 Hardware Versions PS5 Original MSRP (USD) Disc Edition: $499.99; Digital Edition: $399.99 Weight Disc Edition: 9.9 LBS; Digital Edition: 8.6 LBS

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