Rainbow Six Siege: How To Get All Currencies

Discover Rainbow Six Siege’s complex currency system: earn R6 Renown through gameplay and challenges, or purchase R6 Credits for premium content.

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Get All Currencies

Rainbow Six Siege stands out as one of the most challenging team-based multiplayer games available at present. The game features an extremely steep learning curve, and its gameplay elements often leave novice players puzzled. However, among the complexity of Siege, there's another aspect that frequently confuses players: its currency.

The guide below details everything you need to know about the various currencies in Rainbow Six Siege, from how many currencies they are, to their functions, and how to go about getting them.

How To Get All Currencies In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Get All Currencies

In the game, there are two primary currencies: R6 Renown and R6 Credits. One of these currencies is earned through gameplay, while the other is obtained by spending real-life money.

How To Get R6 Renown In Rainbow Six Siege


R6 Renown serves as the primary currency in Siege, earned exclusively through gameplay and completing challenges. Unlike R6 Credits, it cannot be purchased with a credit card. Most in-game content, including both old and new operators, can be acquired using Renown, though new operators are only available for Renown purchase one month after their release. Renown is also used for acquiring non-premium weapon skins, operator uniforms, and headgear, as well as charms.

Players have various methods to grind for R6 Renown. The most efficient approach is simply playing the game. Quick Match mode yields fewer Renown rewards, but matches finish quickly, while the opposite is true for Standard and Ranked modes. New players should complete the tutorials available in the game, as they offer a significant amount of Renown. This mode can be found under the Training tab.

What many players may not know is that you can also complete in-game challenges to get some bonus Renown.

How To Get R6 Credits In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: How To Get All Currencies

R6 Credits is the premium currency in Rainbow Six Siege, obtainable exclusively through real-life monetary transactions. This currency enables players to purchase new operators, premium skins, and the much-coveted Elite bundles. While it's possible to acquire non-premium content with R6 Credits, it's generally not recommended, as such items can be purchased via Renown anyway.

The Battle Pass can only be acquired with R6 Credits . If players want to access all the new seasonal premium content, they'll need to cough up some real-life dough.

R6 Credits are available for purchase through either the in-game store or the Ubisoft Store. There are various options available, so decide what suits you best.

  • 600 R6 Credits for $4.99
  • 1200 R6 Credits for $9.99
  • 2670 R6 Credits for $19.99
  • 4920 R6 Credits for $34.99
  • 7560 R6 Credits for $49.99
  • 16000 R6 Credits for $99.99

In terms of worth, the 16000 R6 Credits option offers the highest value. However, whether you choose to spend $99.99 on microtransactions is entirely up to you.

It may take up to 24 hours for your purchased R6 Credits to appear in your game.

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