Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Reputation System’ Still Has Issues, According to Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s «Reputation» system is reportedly continuing to see issues with wrongful infractions, according to a recent update from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege's ‘Reputation System’ Still Has Issues, According to Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege's "Reputation" mechanic is still reportedly seeing a number of problems with its implementation, notably incorrectly flagging players for harmful in-game behavior. Honor systems have been a staple of plenty of online games, encouraging players to practice good sportsmanship and treat fellow players with respect. Competitive games like League of Legends have often featured special rewards tied to honor systems, including Chests for players to acquire new League of Legends skins. Now, Siege's honor system is seeing a few hiccups.

Rainbow Six Siege first debuted its "Reputation" system in late 2022, rolling out a tiered system encouraging players to treat others well in-game. The system features five different "Reputation" levels across Negative, Neutral, and Positive Standings, implementing bonuses for positive play. Positive players see increased gains for their in-game XP as well as exclusive rewards, while Negative Standing players experience reduced gains and restrictions on their ability to play. However, Rainbow Six Siege's reputation system is reportedly still seeing issues over a year after its launch.

Rainbow Six: Siege Reputation System Experiencing Issues

As reported by Insider Gaming, Ubisoft has confirmed that the developer is continuing to see issues with Rainbow Six Siege's Reputation system. According to Ubisoft, the game's automatic flagging system is reportedly handing out penalties at a higher rate than expected. The developer has confirmed the wrongful Rainbow Six Siege infractions could have a major impact on a player's Reputation Standing. The Reputation system and Ubisoft's "Fair Play Program" are still in beta testing, with no full release confirmed by the studio.

The newfound issues with Rainbow Six Siege's Reputation System come as the feature was a major highlight of Siege's Year 9 Season 1. Ubisoft confirmed in a recent update that it was temporarily disabling voice and text chat penalties to combat the wrongful flags within the Reputation system. The developer discussed upcoming changes to the Reputation system for Year 9 as well, making adjustments to how the game implements Impacts based on Reputation Standing. Ubisoft confirmed the Reputation system will remain in beta for the launch of Year 9 Season 2, expected to come later this Spring.

Rainbow Six Siege's newest troubles with the game's Reputation System comes as the shooter has introduced a plethora of exciting updates in recent months. Last September saw the Halo franchise's Master Chief introduced to the game as a new Elite skin for Sledge. Rainbow Six Siege director Alexander Karpazis also shared more details about the future of the game, suggesting that a sequel is not in the works and he believes Siege can continue for several more years. Rainbow Six Siege's Reputation problems serve as a new bump in the road for the beloved shooter game's honor system.

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