Remnant 2: How to Unlock Invoker Archetype

This guide details all the steps that players must take if they hope to unlock the Invoker archetype in Remnant 2’s The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

Remnant 2: How to Unlock Invoker Archetype

Invoker is an archetype in Remnant 2 that is available to players who purchase the Forgotten Kingdom DLC. It is not made available immediately upon starting the DLC, though, and fans must take several steps in order to unlock it. This guide is here to provide full details on those steps, and it will help players gain access to the Invoker archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: How to Unlock Invoker Archetype

The first step toward unlocking Invoker is rolling a version of Yaesha that starts with the Glittering Grotto. For full clarity, that iteration is at the center of Remnant 2's The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, and players can easily access it by rolling the Forgotten Kingdom in Adventure Mode. Alternatively, fans can repeatedly reroll Yaesha in Adventure Mode until Glittering Grotto appears as the first location on the map.

Once a player has generated a suitable version of Remnant 2's Yaesha, they should select the Glittering Grotto to load into the Ancient Canopy map. Players must then work through the Ancient Canopy and exit it via the door that is marked with an exclamation point on the map.

Players will now find themselves on a second map, the specifics of which are contingent upon the method that was used to generate the iteration of Yaesha, and they must locate another door that is marked with an exclamation point within it. That second door will take fans back to the Ancient Canopy, and they should interact with the lever that is just beyond the checkpoint.

That interaction will cause the large statue that is ahead to descend, and Remnant 2 players must now work to reach its bottom. Here are details on exactly how that is done, and fans that follow these steps will end their journeys in a room that is filled with sand:

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