Roblox: Death Ball Codes (April 2024)

Those looking for the latest Death Ball codes can find them here, as well as instructions on how to redeem codes for the popular Roblox game.

It's often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in which case, the developers of Death Ball must really like Blade Ball. The two games are incredibly similar, although many Roblox players now seem to prefer the former, finding its gameplay to be a lot more exciting than what's on offer in the original.

As is the case in Blade Ball, there are plenty of Death Ball codes that players can redeem for free Gems and other great rewards. Roblox players should be sure to redeem these codes as soon as possible though, as the game is updated often, which can lead to codes expiring at a moment's notice.

Updated April 13, 2024, by Tom Bowen: Sadly, there are only two working Death Ball codes at the moment, and neither of them is new. The last time that one was added was several months ago now, so anyone claiming otherwise is just trying to waste your time. We've tested the two active codes though and can confirm that they're still working as of the time of writing, so new players can at least still get themselves a few thousand free Gems. We'll continue to look for new codes for Death Ball too, and will update this page whenever we find any.

All Death Ball Codes

Roblox: Death Ball Codes (April 2024)

All Active Death Ball Codes (April 2024)

  • jiro — Redeem this code for 4,000 Gems
  • xmas — Redeem this code for 4,000 Gems

All Expired Death Ball Codes

  • 100mil
  • derank
  • mech
  • newyear
  • divine
  • foxuro
  • kameki
  • thankspity
  • launch
  • sorrygems
  • spirit

How to Redeem Codes for Death Ball

Roblox: Death Ball Codes (April 2024)

The process for redeeming Death Ball codes is relatively straightforward and not too dissimilar from redeeming codes in other Roblox games. However, those having trouble can refer to the step-by-step instructions below to help speed up the process.

  1. Launch Death Ball.
  2. Press the "More" button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select "Codes" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Type or paste the code into the box provided and then press "Verify". Alternatively, players can just hit enter.

Where to Find More Death Ball Codes

Players can find new codes for Death Ball in a few different places. For starters, it's a good idea to join the game's official Discord server, both for new codes and information about the game. Players should also follow Sub on Twitter, as they sometimes tweet about the game. However, the best place to find new Death Ball codes is arguably right here, as this guide will be updated regularly as and when new codes become available. As such, it's a good idea to bookmark this page and check back here often so as to avoid missing out on future freebies.

Developer(s) Roblox Corporation Publisher(s) Roblox Corporation Platform(s) PC , iOS , Android , Xbox One , PS4 Released September 1, 2006

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