Roblox: How to Activate the Altar in Sol’s RNG

Successfully activating the Altar can be a difficult task in Roblox’s Sol’s RNG. Follow this guide to find out how to complete the Altar Quest.

Roblox: How to Activate the Altar in Sol's RNG

There's a lot you need to do to complete the Altar Quest in Roblox's Sol's RNG. You'll need to first find a total of 15 eggs spread across the entire map, and then you must find a way to activate an Altar hidden in the caves, requiring a lot of luck, like those looking to get the Solar aura.

For those who are stuck on what to do next, this guide will take you step-by-step through the required tasks. This will take a lot of time and effort, as well as a massive amount of luck, so be prepared to spend a lot of time in the world of Sol's RNG.

Where to Find the Altar in Roblox's Sol's RNG

Roblox: How to Activate the Altar in Sol's RNG

Before you go looking for the Altar, you'll need to make sure you have already spoken to Lime, who is sitting on a bench at the front of the map and found all the 15 Easter Eggs that he requests you to find. We have a whole guide on where each of these eggs can be found.

Roblox: How to Activate the Altar in Sol's RNG

Once you've grabbed them all, return to Lime and talk to him. You'll complete the first quest and then unlock the Altar Quest from him. The Altar is located in a hidden cave near the waterfall. You can locate the waterfall from the image above.


Make your way up the tree that has a hanging ladder nearby to the waterfall. Follow the path across the trees and up another ladder until you can jump across to the platform in the waterfall. Inside the hidden room, jump down through the opening to reach the underground cave.


From here, head straight forward across the bridge. This bridge will collapse, so make sure not to stop. Then, follow right down the stairs and jump left into the water. Head straight back, until you notice a waterfall to your right. Then, turn left and jump on top of the platform in the middle with a hanging ladder.


Follow the path across these platforms, jumping across each one until you reach the end. The last platform will have a blue mushroom and a torch to the left. There will also be an invisible wall to the right, which you'll want to walk through. Inside, there will be the Altar Room.

How to Activate the Altar in Roblox's Sol's RNG


Now that you've found the correct location, how can you activate the Altar to complete the quest? This is where things will get a bit difficult. You'll have to roll the Unbound aura, which has an odds of 1 in 20 million. Basically, you're going to really need some luck. To increase your luck, you can:

  • Drink Luck Potions
  • Visit Jake's Workshop to purchase equipment that will increase luck
  • Complete parkour courses

Once you've successfully gotten the Unbound aura, you will need to say the following chants in order (using the chat box) while standing in the middle of the candles:

  • Absolute…
  • Repression…
  • Powerful…
  • Eternal…
  • Powerful…

This will successfully activate the Altar, and you can return to Lime to complete the quest.

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