Roblox: How to Get the Lock Egg in Sol’s RNG

Stuck on what to do next to get your own Lock Egg in Roblox’s Sol’s RNG? Check out this guide for the answer.

Roblox: How to Get the Lock Egg in Sol's RNG

Getting your hands on the Lock Egg in Roblox's Sol's RNG is not a simple task. Players will not only need to track down a bunch of eggs across the map, but they will also need to find a way to unlock a hidden room and discover its secrets.

If you're still unsure about the exact process for unlocking the Lock Egg or can't seem to find the quest location, this guide will go over everything you need to know. You will be spending a lot of time in Sol's RNG to get the Lock Egg, and the requirements will be difficult.

How to Get the Lock Egg in Roblox Sol's RNG

Roblox: How to Get the Lock Egg in Sol's RNG

If you're just getting started in Sol's RNG, then there will be a long road ahead before you can unlock the Lock Egg. To get going, make your way over to Lime, the NPC sitting on the bench next to the spawn location. They will give you the first quest, which requires you to find 15 rare eggs spread throughout the map. We have a guide on how to get these 15 eggs so you can easily locate them.

Roblox: How to Get the Lock Egg in Sol's RNG

After you've found them all, return to Lime to complete the quest. You'll then receive the Altar quest from Lime, also known as the Liberator Quest, which you can find another guide for here to successfully activate it.


After completing the chants and activating the Altar with the Unbound aura equipped, you'll want to visit the obby near the large tree. To do this, head back outside from the cave. Make your way towards the large tree with the small floating platforms. Jump across these, and then approach the shining orb in the middle of the white platform with the Unbound aura still equipped. The orb should turn purple. Then, walk into it and return to Lime.

A cutscene will occur, with the Lock Egg being introduced. Go to the middle of the area, near to Jake's Workshop, and you can successfully purchase the Lock Egg.

What Is the Lock Egg in Sol's RNG?

Roblox: How to Get the Lock Egg in Sol's RNG

The Lock Egg in Sol's RNG is described as 'a cursed egg sealed with strong power'. Having this item in your inventory is incredibly difficult to do, especially since you'll need to get the Unbound aura to complete the quest, which requires a lot of luck.

Keep in mind that the Lock Egg is part of a limited-time quest, ending on April 26th. There is also a limited number of Lock Eggs to give out, so if there are none left when you go to obtain your reward, we aren't sure if the item will be restocked.

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