Roblox: Legacy Piece Map Guide

Here, we will tell you all about the Legacy Piece map and the islands on it to make it easier for you to travel around the First Sea.

Roblox: Legacy Piece Map Guide

Roblox Legacy Piece brings you a gaming experience and adventures based on the One Piece franchise. Just like Luffy, you will have to visit various islands, help people there, and fight strong bosses. And to make it easier for you to travel around the First Sea, below we will tell you about the Legacy Piece map and the islands on it.

Each island in Legacy Piece has a unique structure, NPCs, and enemies. The latter differ dramatically in strength, so if you face them too early, you will be killed in seconds. That's why you should visit each island in a specific order.

Does Legacy Piece Have a Map?

Roblox: Legacy Piece Map Guide

Unfortunately, Legacy Piece is quite hard to navigate, as it does not have an in-game map. In other words, you cannot press M on your keyboard or use any item to see the entire map and your location on it. In addition, players also cannot fast-travel between the islands they have visited. The only thing you can do is put a new spawn point on the island where you want to respawn in case of death.

However, there is a way out. Players can use the Legacy Piece Map from the official Trello board. It will greatly simplify your adventures and allow you to progress faster, instead of wandering the sea in search of the desired area.

Still, the main difference in islands is the requirements for your level. Therefore, below, we have compiled a list of all the islands with a description of what awaits you on each of them. Just visit them in order, and you will reach level 100 without any problems.

Roblox Legacy Piece: All Islands List

Roblox: Legacy Piece Map Guide

Island Name Required Levels Quest NPSs Bosses
Fusha Island 1-15 levels Sarah, Woop Slap, Shanks, Lucki, Makino, Civilian, Farmer Kobamuro, Nesbit, Dadan Higuma, The Bandit
Alvida Island 15-25 levels Freight Agent, Mary, Ship Guard, Koby, Abdu Alvida, The Iron Mace
Shells Town 25-40 levels Zoro, Rika, Rika’s Mother, Washed Up Pirate, Wounded Marine, Koby Axe-Hand Morgan
Shimotsuki Island 40-50 levels Archaeologist, Black Smith, Scientist, Village Chief Yeti
Haki Island 45 level Haki Trainer NPC
Orange Town 50-65 levels Noodle, Boro, Ponle, Chuchu, Mocker, Doctor Buggy, The Clown
Baratie 65-80 levels Zeff, Laffy, Barne Don Krieg
Mink Island 80-95 levels Bariat, Keitmah, Goat Doctor, Yama, Mustaton Wolfam
Arlong Park 95-99 levels Genzo, Chow, Tako, Najike, Jailo, Dr Noke Saw Shark Arlong

Platform(s) PC , iOS , Android , Xbox One , PS4 Released September 1, 2006 Developer(s) Roblox Corporation Publisher(s) Roblox Corporation Genre(s) Game Creation System

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