Roblox Players Miss Tix

Roblox players who are old enough to remember Tix have started to become nostalgic for the in-game currency, which was discontinued in 2016.

Roblox Players Miss Tix

Roblox players miss the in-game currency Tix. Besides the massive pool of user-generated content, one of the things that draws so many players into Roblox is the fact that the game is free. Players can choose to spend money on things in Roblox, like Robux, which can be used to get players general upgrades for an avatar or different types of perks and items in experiences, but they do not need to.

Roblox gamers can even use codes for games like Blox Fruits, which allow one-time redemption for various different things in-game, but players used to be able to get rewards for logging in and playing Roblox. Tickets, commonly referred to as Tix, could be exchanged for Robux through the game's currency trading system, RoblEX. Tix were earned not only though logging on, but also through avatar clothes sales, place visits, and Roblox's ambassador program.

It has been seven years since Tix were discontinued within Roblox, and players miss that part of the game. A Reddit post by user scatatar shares nostalgia for the currency, asking other players about their experiences with Tix and whether they miss the items too. Other players commented and shared their memories as well as their surprise that there are plenty of current Roblox players who don't know what Tix were. Roblox is considered to be one of the best PC games for kids, so there are plenty of players too young to have been around while Tix were available.

As some share their memories about Tix, they recall making alternate accounts to get more. Many players cite this and the use of bots to generate even more Tix as the main reason that Roblox discontinued the currency altogether. It is unfortunate that no similar benefits exist for free Roblox players. Many simply don't want to buy Robux, and some kids who don't spend money in free-to-play games get bullied. This isn't the fault of the developers, though, and it appears that getting rid of Tix was the best way to prevent players from abusing the system.

Roblox Gamers Don't Need Tix For Fun

Roblox now rewards its fans for playing their game in other ways, such as the creation of unique experiences and events. Most recently, Roblox added a Child's Play crossover that had plenty of fans of both properties excited, and the sheer amount of content to enjoy throughout Roblox allows many players to enjoy their time spent without considering the need to use Robux or Tix.

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