Roblox: Squid Game Codes (July 2024)

Roblox: Squid Game is based on the wildly popular Squid Game series. It has 3 game modes: Classic, Random, and Endless. In all of these mods, participants can play until they are eliminated, but with the help of codes, they can continue the game. Some Squid Game codes provide free revives, while others offer cash, so players can buy crates.

Updated July 11, 2024, by Artur Novichenko: Below, you will find many new codes that we have added with this update. Redeeming all the working codes, you will get a bunch of Cash, Revives, and Souls, as well as a few skins. Check back later for even more free rewards from developers.

All Squid Game Codes

Roblox: Squid Game Codes (July 2024)

As with other Roblox games codes, Squid Game codes are constantly updated, so be sure to redeem active ones before they expire:

Active Codes (July 2024)

  • 350kLikes — Enter this code to claim 25 Souls (NEW)
  • RBBattles — Enter this code to claim RBBattles Skin (NEW)
  • PewDiePie — Enter this code to claim PewDiePie Skin (NEW)
  • OneCoin — Enter this code to claim 1 Cash (NEW)
  • ThanksPewDiePie — Enter this code to claim 500 Cash (NEW)
  • TUN3 — Enter this code to claim 5k Cash (NEW)
  • saucyvibe — Enter this code to claim 5 Revives (NEW)
  • 700kLikes — Enter this code to claim 3 Pushes (NEW)
  • 456 — Enter this code to claim 2.5k Cash

Expired Codes (July 2024)

  • December2023
  • HappyThanksgiving!
  • November2023
  • HappyHalloween!
  • JackOLantern
  • SpookySeason
  • October2023
  • September2023
  • August2023
  • July2023
  • SunnySummer
  • FreeCash
  • CommandingOfficer
  • ST0NKS
  • FR0NTM4N
  • RLGL
  • PrideMonth
  • June2023
  • WomansDay2023
  • CH40SM0D3
  • TonsOfCash
  • N3WC0D3
  • Trendsetter
  • SpringMay2023
  • 1Billion
  • Update
  • Squidoween
  • FirstCode
  • I'm Back
  • LikesLikesLikes
  • 350klikes

How to Redeem Codes In Squid Game

Roblox: Squid Game Codes (July 2024)

In Squid Game, as in other similar games, it is straightforward to redeem codes. To do so, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Launch Squid Game.
  • Click the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter one of the above-mentioned codes in the Code Here field.
  • Click Confirm to get the reward.

The reward will be credited automatically, but if this does not happen, check the correctness of the code, or it is already expired and after a while it will be updated in this article.

How to Play Squid Game

Roblox: Squid Game Codes (July 2024)2

Squid Game is easy to play, especially if players are familiar with the original series. In the beginning, fans vote for the game mode. They can choose from the following:


In this mode, gamers will play the classic version of Squid Game. The sequence of the games remains consistent with the original series. The person who completes all the games successfully is the winner.


In this mode, all games are mixed up.


In Endless mode, players will play until all but one player is eliminated.

Players can also push each other. This will be useful in many situations. For example, in a fight with other participants, fans can push them and run away.

5 Best Mini-Games Similar to Squid Game

Roblox: Squid Game Codes (July 2024)

Even cool games can get boring over time, and Squid Game is no exception. If users want to play other similar experiences, they can look at the list of 5 best games like Squid Game below. They are also of very high quality and fun:

  • Red Light Green Light
  • Epic Minigames
  • Blade Ball
  • Ripull Minigames
  • Squid Minigames

Developer(s) Roblox Corporation Publisher(s) Roblox Corporation Platform(s) PC , iOS , Android , Xbox One , PS4 Released September 1, 2006

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