RUMOR: Deadpool & Wolverine Will Reference an Important Part of Wolverine’s Comic History

Fans eagerly await the Deadpool & Wolverine premiere, with rumors hinting at references to Wolverine’s Marvel Comics origin.

RUMOR: Deadpool & Wolverine Will Reference an Important Part of Wolverine's Comic History


  • Deadpool & Wolverine may reference a significant moment from Wolverine's past, sparking excitement among fans for the upcoming film.
  • The anticipated movie hints at potential nod to Hulk vs Wolverine, creating anticipation for an iconic showdown on screen.
  • The dynamic between Hulk and Wolverine, past conflicts, and potential team-ups add an intriguing layer to the upcoming film premiere.

As fans eagerly anticipate the premiere of the upcoming film Deadpool & Wolverine, rumors are ablaze regarding its plot. A new rumor suggests a subtle reference to a character's background, hinting at the depth of history that may unfold on screen.

As the premiere date of Deadpool & Wolverine rapidly approaches, little has been disd about the movie's plot, leaving fans to speculate and theorize. Exciting hints and rumors have surfaced recently, adding fuel to the excitement. However, a surprising new rumor has emerged, hinting at a nod to a character's past.

According to CanWeGetToast (via Film Tweets), the movie might feature scenes from none other than Wolverine's past. Specifically, they suggest that Hulk vs Wolverine could be referenced in the film, paying homage to Wolverine's first appearance in Marvel Comics. It is hinted that this reference may only be mentioned and not necessarily depicted as a scene. However, whether this speculation holds true or not remains to be seen.

It is interesting to note that these two iconic heroes were not always on the same side; in fact, they frequently found themselves at odds with each other. Their rivalry dates back to 1974 when Wolverine made his Marvel Comics debut in The Incredible Hulk #180, immediately clashing with the Hulk in the following issue, The Incredible Hulk #181. This tension continued in the Marvel 2009 animated series Hulk Vs., where they were once again portrayed as adversaries in intense fighting sequences, this time with Deadpool also entering the fray. The animated series depicted Hulk in his alter ego as the Jade Giant, providing a fitting backdrop for the confrontations involving Wolverine and Deadpool. Additionally, the series showcased Hulk's clashes with Thor, adding further excitement to the dynamic battles. Despite both Hulk and Wolverine putting up strong fights against each other due to their short tempers, Hulk's immense strength and Wolverine's razor-sharp claws, the fights were often short yet brutal. However, despite their initial conflicts, they would battle each other a few more times before eventually setting aside their differences and teaming up on several occasions.

Despite these animated confrontations, there has never been a live-action depiction of Wolverine and the Hulk engaging in combat, making the upcoming movie an ideal opportunity to bring this dynamic to the big screen. If such a showdown does indeed occur, it is certain to thrill fans and add an exciting dimension to the film. With just two months remaining before the premiere, it remains to be seen what surprises the movie holds. However, it is undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest and most anticipated films of the year.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to premiere on July 26th.

Source: CanWeGetToast (via Film Tweets)|X

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