Rumor: Genshin Impact Adding New Permanent Game Mode

A recent discovery implies that Genshin Impact could be adding a new, permanent game mode inspired by a popular strategy genre in the near future.

Rumor: Genshin Impact Adding New Permanent Game Mode


  • An Auto Chess mode inspired by Ningguang's game could be coming to Genshin Impact, though it might not be for a while.
  • Initial reception to Genius Invokation TCG was mixed, but constant updates have made it a more polished and enjoyable mode for players.
  • Speculation suggests Liyue Millennium may debut in Version 5.4 during Lantern Rite, expanding Genshin Impact's gameplay options.

Genshin Impact could be adding an Auto Chess game mode in the near future, inspired by the board game that Ningguang was developing in one of her Hangout routes. While Genshin Impact has toyed around with alternative gameplay modes through Flagship Events, the introduction of Genius Invokation TCG has given players a permanent way to take a break from the chores of completing daily commissions and instead play a game of cards in the tavern.

When Genshin Impact added Genius Invokation TCG in Version 3.3, its initial reception was notably mixed. Players wondered if Genius Invokation TCG would be able to sustain itself for longer than a few Versions, while others considered it a "useless" game mode due to its lack of renewable Primogem rewards and for being so far removed from Genshin Impact's standard gameplay. However, HoYoverse kept updating Genius Invokation TCG by constantly adding new cards and characters, and it became a much more polished experience than it was at launch.

Genshin Impact Could Be Adding 'Auto Chess' to the Game

However, according to Little Teyvat, it would seem that the developers are hoping to add another alternative gameplay mode to Genshin Impact in the near future. The information shared on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit hints that Ningguang's Liyue Millennium board game could become a permanent game mode inspired by Auto Chess. Given that the Fungus Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact Version 3.5 was notably structured to resemble an Auto Chess board, it could be that HoYoverse is already testing out the mechanics in advance.

It's important to note that an early leak such as this should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, it should also be noted that Liyue Millennium has been trademarked by HoYoverse. If one were to speculate on when Liyue Millennium could make its introductory appearance, most signs point towards Version 5.4 via the Lantern Rite. The reasoning behind this is twofold: the rumored game mode has thematic ties to Liyue, while the festive nature of the Lantern Rite in Genshin Impact would make introducing Liyue Millennium a seamless affair.

After concluding their string of quality-of-life updates for Genshin Impact, it's clear that the developers have become much more open about expanding the game. Version 4.7 is scheduled to add a brand new Spiral Abyss mode known as the Imaginarium Theater, where players will be allowed to borrow one character from a friend's account to tackle a new set of rotating challenges. Though the Imaginarium Theater is expected to be a new type of endgame, the introduction of Liyue Millenium could end up being a neat counterweight.

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