Rumor: Genshin Impact Leak Reveals New Pyro Archon Design

Genshin Impact players may be getting an updated look at the Pyro Archon of Natlan, as a recent leak features a new version of her controversial design. With the era of Fontaine coming to a , Genshin Impact is slowly setting the stage for Natlan, the land of war and dragons, which is also considered to be the most enigmatic corner of Teyvat. Beyond drawing inspiration from Mesoamerican and West African cultures, not much is known about the Nation of Pyro. It is vibrant, volcanic, and engulfed by conflict.

One of the key characteristics of Natlan that set it apart from the other nations of Teyvat, is that there is no central government that controls the region. Instead, Natlan's people are grouped into a currently unknown number of tribes, each with their own separate way of life. While not much is known about the upcoming cast of Natlan, Iansan from the old Travail teaser has shaped player expectations of the region's characters: darker skin, tribal clothing, and a blend of both native and colonial themes. Whereas the Genshin Impact community expected the Fatui to play the role of foreign colonizers, new information implies a far more controversial direction.

When the first concept art leak for the Pyro Archon dropped on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, it was met with a high degree of controversy. The region inspired by Mesoamerican and West African cultures was going to be headlined by a Pyro Archon dressed in colonial attire, who aesthetically did not look the part of a God of War. While some players hoped that HoYoverse would change direction, a new version of the Pyro Archon's design, shared by hxg_diluc, implies that the colonialist themes are an important aspect of her character.

What the Pyro Archon's Design Could Mean for Natlan in Genshin Impact

While this seems a risky idea on paper, it does explicitly play with the theme of Celestia and the Archons being usurpers, as opposed to being the native power of Teyvat. Recent information draws a connection between Xbalanque and the Pyro Archon, with the former apparently taking the latter on as an apprentice. It's quite likely that the Pyro Archon is an outsider to Natlan, and players could be witnessing her ascension to the status of Archon – a storyline that hasn't yet been explored in Genshin Impact.

The concept art sees the Pyro Archon keeping a distinctive red, gold, and black color scheme – with a feathered hat, fiery eyes, and a stylish crimson cloak. There are very little tribal or native elements to her updated concept art, which will certainly clash with the rest of the cast in Natlan. With the Fatui also having a presence in the region, with Capitano and Columbina playing a hefty role, it remains to be seen what kind of story direction HoYoverse will take for Natlan. Players can expect to set foot inside Natlan in Genshin Impact near the end of August 2024.

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