Rumor: MultiVersus Teases New Classic Cartoon Network Characters

A new MultiVersus teaser hints that a trio of popular Cartoon Network characters could be coming to the game when it re-launches soon.

Rumor: MultiVersus Teases New Classic Cartoon Network Characters


  • MultiVersus' re-launch is coming on May 28.
  • Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory characters have been teased.
  • Expect improved gameplay with a new netcode and new skins for characters.

A recent MultiVersus teaser hints again that the Powerpuff Girls could be coming to the fighting game. Developer Player First Games previously confirmed that MultiVersus' re-launch in May includes "new personalities" alongside other additions and improvements.

MultiVersus' next era begins on May 28 when new stages, balance changes, visual upgrades, and even an entirely new netcode will be introduced to the game. While it's still not confirmed what stages fans can expect to see on release day, Player First recently revealed concept art of two levels, one inspired by Dexter's Laboratory and the other taken from The Powerpuff Girls. MultiVersus' newest teaser gives another look at the latter location.

After MultiVersus' Twitter account posted a short video previewing a new Superman skin, fans quickly noticed that the video's background matches the previously revealed concept art for the Powerpuff Girls stage set atop Townsville's city hall. In the video, Superman seems to be standing on the city hall's roof in-game, possibly suggesting that the stage is finished and ready for launch. Although it's not yet confirmed whether the Powerpuff Girls stage and the girls themselves will be playable on May 28, it does seem increasingly likely now that Player First has repeatedly teased the franchise. The Powerpuff Girls have long been rumored to be coming to MultiVersus following older leaks, so this possibility might not come as a huge surprise to dedicated fans.

The Powerpuff Girls Could Be Coming To MultiVersus

It's also possible that Dexter's Labratory's titular character, another highly requested MultiVersus addition, could be added to the game as well. So far, fans only have Player First's concept art of the Dexter's Laboratory stage to go off of, but the developer confirmed that it plans to release more information regarding new MultiVersus features as the re-launch approaches, which will likely include information on new characters. However, similar to The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's introduction has not been explicitly confirmed yet.

There are more improvements to look forward to other than new stages and characters, such as MultiVersus' revamped netcode. The re-launched version will utilize a rollback netcode that's built from the ground up for Player First's fighting game, and the developer said that it should significantly improve gameplay smoothness and matchmaking.

Player First has also teased new MultiVersus skins. These include a new skin for Adventure Time's Finn that features his robotic arm and cell-shaded versions of Superman, Scooby-Doo's Velma, Looney Tunes' Taz, Adventure Time's Jake, and LeBron James. Player First also confirmed that gameplay adjustments are coming to many characters.

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