Rumor: One More Major MCU Superhero Set to Appear in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE

Deadpool & Wolverine rumors are piling up, and there are whispers that yet another MCU actor will join the fun.

Rumor: One More Major MCU Superhero Set to Appear in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE


  • The upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine film is expected to feature numerous cameos, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the movie.
  • A fresh rumor suggests Chris Evans may make a cameo as Human Torch in the film, bringing intriguing connections to earlier Marvel movies.
  • While Evans's return would be thrilling, fans should wait for official confirmation before getting too excited about the potential cameo in the movie.

With its premiere just two months away, rumors about the plot and numerous cameos in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine film continue to swirl. Adding to the speculation, a fresh rumor has emerged, suggesting the involvement of another significant superhero from the franchise.

Indeed, it is no shock that Deadpool & Wolverine is expected to feature a plethora of cameos. The details surrounding these appearances remain shrouded in mystery. As the movie's overarching premise is yet to be revealed and its premiere is still several months away, anticipation continues to grow. Nevertheless, with each new rumor and teaser, fan anticipation and excitement appear to soar. Of particular interest is the exciting speculation hinting at the involvement of a major hero from one of Marvel's earliest movies, reportedly set to make a cameo in this upcoming film.

According to a report by @MyTimeToShineH (shared on Twitter by @MarvelNewsFilms), Deadpool & Wolverine will reportedly include a cameo by Chris Evans. However, the exciting twist is that Evans is said to appear not as Captain America but as Human Torch. Evans portrayed Johnny Storm a.k.a. Human Torch in the earlier movies of the franchise, appearing in Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). It is important to note that while this news is thrilling, it should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed.

Rumor: One More Major MCU Superhero Set to Appear in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE

Evans' potential return to his Fantastic Four role after such a long hiatus is indeed intriguing but not entirely implausible. His connections to both Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy, who are involved as producers and writers on Deadpool & Wolverine, add weight to the possibility, especially considering his cameo in Free Guy, which was also produced by Levy. Adding to the excitement, another rumor surfaced earlier this month, suggesting the involvement of another actor from the same franchise in the movie.

Evans has previously indicated that his time in the MCU concluded with Captain America's storyline, but he has also expressed interest in reprising his role as the Human Torch. However, it has since been confirmed that he will not be involved in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, with Joseph Quinn taking on the role instead. The potential for Evans to surprise audiences with a cameo as the Human Torch in Deadpool & Wolverine is undeniably exciting. With numerous returning actors already involved in the project, such a cameo would seamlessly fit into the narrative. If this does happen, Evans' return could provide an opportunity to fully integrate his role into the MCU. Even if his role is brief, the rumored comeback of the actor amplifies the excitement surrounding an already highly anticipated movie.

Deadpool & Wolverine will be released on July 26, 2024.

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