Rumor: Pokemon GO’s Controversial Avatar Update was Reportedly Rushed

A new rumor suggests that the recent controversial change pushed for Pokemon GO’s avatar system may have been rushed to release.

Rumor: Pokemon GO's Controversial Avatar Update was Reportedly Rushed

A recent rumor suggests that the highly controversial recent change to Pokemon GO's avatar system may have been significantly rushed, with speculation that the changes being reverted is unlikely. The massively popular monster-catching mobile game has teased plenty of changes coming to the game as part of its "#RediscoverGO" campaign. The major updates to the game are expected to focus around both player experience and the franchise's original 151 Kanto Pokemon, with an overhaul of in-game avatars already launching. Now, however, new reports are suggesting the avatar changes were rushed out.

Pokemon GO's recent avatar changes have been the subject of significant criticism and backlash from fans of the game. Many have criticized the new avatars for losing much of the flavor and appeal of the original avatars, often calling them "lifeless" or feeling that they do not match the game's artstyle. Pokemon GO has even been the victim of review bombing following the changes, with fans expressing their discontent with the new models. Now, a recent interview from one of the game's volunteer beta testers contains some bad news for Pokemon GO fans.

Pokemon GO's Avatar Update May Have Been "Rushed"

As reported by Dot Esports, an anonymous interview with a Pokemon GO tester has revealed the strained timeline for the game's newest update. According to the interview, the overhaul of the game's avatar system was only tested for a few months before release. The tester reveals that the beta test for Pokemon GO's new avatars was only implemented "three to four months ago" and suggests that Niantic made few changes from the original beta version. The full release of the feature also reportedly came as a surprise to other users within the test group.

The interview offers a bleak outlook at the potential for changes to Pokemon GO's controversial avatar update, citing the lack of communication with Niantic. The anonymous tester shares that Pokemon GO has often seen test features go live with little notice to the beta team, inciting frustration among the team members. Pokemon GO's avatar changes serve as some of the most controversial in the game's history, with many fans likening the controversy to previous changes made to Remote Raid Passes.

While fans continue to voice their displeasure with Pokemon GO's most recent changes, Niantic continues to move ahead with new content for the game. Pokemon GO recently announced a new "Hatch Day" event for April, featuring Johto baby Pokemon Cleffa as its spotlight creature. Pokemon GO is also set to kick off its annual Sustainability Week event on April 22, putting the focus on plant and wildlife-themed Pokemon like Foongus and Drilbur. Pokemon GO's recent changes have landed the game in hot water as fans continue to protest the avatar overhaul.

Franchise Pokemon Platform(s) iOS , Android Released July 6, 2016 Developer(s) Niantic , The Pokemon Company Publisher(s) Niantic Genre(s) Augmented Reality Multiplayer Online Multiplayer Engine Unity

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