Rumor: Popular PlayStation Console Exclusive May Be Coming to Xbox

One of 2024’s biggest PlayStation console exclusives might eventually make its way to Xbox, according to a new report from a notable insider.

Rumor: Popular PlayStation Console Exclusive May Be Coming to Xbox

A recent claim from an insider suggests that Helldivers 2, one of 2024's biggest PlayStation exclusives, could make its way to Xbox someday. Given that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher of Helldivers 2, the release of an alleged Xbox port would mark a major shift in strategy for the console manufacturer.

It's no understatement to say that Helldivers 2 has been a breakout hit for Sony so far, with the game consistently topping sales charts on PS5 and PC. The simultaneous launch of Helldivers 2 on Steam has seemingly contributed greatly to the game's success. After all, GAAS games like this one thrive the best when they're available on as many platforms as possible. This point of consideration has left many to wonder if Sony might be willing to bring Helldivers 2 to Xbox someday. Despite the chances of this normally being very unlikely, this new report indicates that there may be some hope for Xbox fans looking to play Arrowhead's hit shooter on their preferred platform.

On the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, notable insider Shpeshal_Nick claims that he's heard "very, very early preliminary discussions about the possibility of Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox." With the new interim CEO Hiroki Totoki recently taking charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shpeshal_Nick suggests that the PlayStation executive may be "a little more open" to experimenting with aggressive multiplatform strategies. Although Nick states that it would make sense for Sony to put this PlayStation game on Xbox consoles, he reminds fans to take this information with a big dose of salt. "It doesn't mean it's coming [for sure], I just said there's very early discussions about it. It could all fall to pieces. . . They might not come to an agreement or something."

The potential release of a PlayStation-published game like Helldivers 2 on Xbox would mark a big turning point not only for Sony, but the industry as a whole. With Microsoft recently releasing four Xbox games on PlayStation and Nintendo and Sony announcing its intent to double down on PC and mobile going forward, there has been a big question regarding the viability of traditional console exclusives. Helldivers 2 coming to Microsoft's console could indicate the gradual decline of this business practice, which would be great for consumers on all platforms.

Helldivers 2 on Xbox Would Be a Game-Changer

Five years ago, the idea of Sony releasing games on anything other than its own platform was unimaginable, but nowadays, it's consistently launching most of its former PlayStation exclusives on PC. As unlikely as it may seem now, there's a small chance Sony might one day release Helldivers 2 on Xbox. Wilder things have happened in the gaming industry, after all.

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