Rumor: Sonic Frontiers 2 is Reportedly in Development

A sequel to the 2022 open world Sonic game is allegedly in development, according to multiple reports from reputable insiders.

Rumor: Sonic Frontiers 2 is Reportedly in Development

The latest mainline installment in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Frontiers, is getting a direct sequel, according to recent claims made by credible insiders. This is likely to excite many Sonic fans, as a potential sequel to the 2022 open world 3D platformer could build upon the foundations of Sonic Frontiers and rectify the wrongs of its predecessor.

Despite launching to mostly mixed reviews from critics, the latest mainline installment in the Sonic franchise was a big commercial hit for Sega. Sonic's first-ever transition into open world environments, though, was a bit rough around the edges, as many cited consistent pop-in, repetitive combat, and other technical issues as major criticisms of the game. Nonetheless, the title received largely favorable reception from fans, thanks to its excellent soundtrack, enjoyable platforming segments, and surprisingly solid story. As a result, Sonic Frontiers reached a record sales milestone of 3.5 million copies by May 2023, leading Sega to be very happy with the success of the game. It's no wonder, then, that a sequel to the game has reportedly been greenlit.

As spotted on the gamingleaksandrumors subreddit, the reputable insider Daniel Richtman has claimed that a Sonic Frontiers sequel has recently entered development. Though Richtman didn't provide any further details on the title, the well-known Sega/Atlus insider, Midori, corroborated their claims on Twitter and gave some extra information. The game, tentatively titled Sonic Frontiers 2, is said to be "a sequel to Frontiers in gameplay style," so it will most likely be an open world game just like its predecessor. Given that Sonic Frontiers was called Sonic Rangers prior to release, however, Midori does note that the name of the game might change later on in development.

A Sonic Frontiers Sequel Could Take The Open World From The First Game To The Next Level

It is unknown if this rumored sequel will directly continue the story in Sonic Frontiers. Even if it doesn't, many Sonic fans will likely be happy to hear that the gameplay formula established in Frontiers may be getting the chance it needs to become something even better. Hopefully, Sonic Frontiers 2 will allow Sonic Team to refine the open world elements from the previous game and put them together in a more cohesive package.

Though Frontiers was a resounding commercial success, other recent titles in the Sonic franchise have been met with more of a meager reception. The 2023 2.5D platformer Sonic Superstars fell short of Sega's expectations, for instance, while the game compilation Sonic Origins launched in a somewhat rough state. Nonetheless, Sonic Frontiers 2 can still capitalize greatly off of the potential box office success of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie. The alleged sequel to Sonic Frontiers has a lot of potential to become one of the best-selling installments in the franchise, so long as Sega pulls it off correctly.

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