SCUM: Best Items to Sell to Make Money Fast

Sell the best items to make the economy work in your favor in SCUM to gain the upper hand.

SCUM: Best Items to Sell to Make Money Fast

Surviving the harsh world of SCUM can be a difficult task, even for the most seasoned of veterans. After all, this is a multiplayer online survival game that drills down to the nitty-gritty of making life work with limited resources and plenty of pressing needs. However, a great equalizer is to have wads of cash in the bank.

To help players do that, it is key to know just what are some of the best ways to make money fast, including the best items to sell throughout your adventure in SCUM. This guide will provide all the vital information, so you will be well-prepared once you arrive on the island in an attempt to survive.

Best Items to Sell & Make Money Fast in SCUM

A core idea of SCUM is to loot every possible location to find new equipment and survival resources. Oftentimes, this means you will be getting a ton of items that might not necessarily be useful. This is where the game's traders come into play, exchanging precious cash for the unwanted items that are taking up space in the inventory.

SCUM: Best Items to Sell to Make Money Fast

The following list will show the common items that can earn some quick cash, although your mileage may vary depending on your personal play style:

  • 9mm Rounds/Handgun Magazines—While it makes sense to rely mainly on a handgun at the start of the game, stronger weapons will replace it soon enough. As such, selling the rounds and magazines for $30 to $50 will be a good way to use them.
  • Firecrackers—If you prefer not to make noise and bring people to you, sell off the firecrackers at the traders for about $40 instead.
  • Construction Tools—Crowbars and rebar may not look like much, but they are valuable items that can bring in lots of cash. Even the toolboxes themselves are worth a pretty penny. They often sell for hundreds of dollars, so get rid of any extras you have.
  • Farming Tools—Fertilizers and weed repellents can often be found in the world of SCUM too, and they can fetch about $50 each, making them prime targets to be sought out and sold.
  • Electronics—Found yourself some nice mobile phones and camera lenses? Head to the nearest trader and cash them in for some quick bucks.
  • Masks—Commonly found in various towns and settlements, these aesthetic items may not look the part, but they can go for upwards of $200. Collecting a bunch of them and selling them off will quickly boost your cash reserves.
  • Depleted Uranium—For the risk-takers, consider heading into dormant nuclear reactors wearing a hazmat suit and getting your hands on depleted uranium via lock-picking. Each stack can bring in about $3000, and a depleted uranium container goes for about $1000 too. Should you find extra hazmat suits, those sell for about $2700 as well.

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