Shadows of Doubt: How to Install Mods

While modding for Shadows of Doubt is still in it’s early days, there’s plenty of great mods available once you know how to install them.

Shadows of Doubt: How to Install Mods

Shadows of Doubt is a procedurally generated immersive sim, that throws players into the role of a Private Detective in a Sci-Fi Noir City. With murderers on the loose and countless other jobs to pick up, players will have their hands full as they attempt to rid the city of crime and earn enough Social Credit to climb the ladder. While the game already has a stunning amount of content, it also has mod support and several interesting mods have already been created to spice up the existing gameplay.

This Shadows of Doubt guide will explain how to find and install mods and suggest a few interesting mods that can enhance the experience. Mods can add a variety new items, mechanics, and city generation features to the game. Some of the mods available at the time of writing serve to introduce additional challenges and mechanics, or fix bugs and issues with the current build of the game. Since Shadows of Doubt is still in early access, it is likely that the mods available will increase in both number and scope with time.

How to Install Mods — Thunderstore Mod Manager

Shadows of Doubt: How to Install Mods

The easiest way to install mods is by making use of the Thunderstore Mod Manager. To install this, players will first need to install Overwolf and the Thunderstore Mod Manager, which can be found here:

Once both are installed, you just need to open the Mod Manager and Select "Shadows of Doubt." You can either use the default profile or create a new profile for your Mod List, and then select "Get Mods" to see a list of all Mods available via the Mod Loader. Hit install on any Mods you want to use, and then click "Launch Modded" when you want to play with the installed mods. This is a fair bit easier than manually installing mods and makes it easier to organize mods/create multiple mod lists if necessary. You can simply create a new Profile whenever you want to build a new mod list without losing your current one.

The Thunderstore has a bunch of Mods available, ranging from new Sync Disks to an immersive tax system, so there are plenty of ways to spice up your detective experience.

How to Install Mods — Manual

Shadows of Doubt: How to Install Mods

If you'd rather install mods manually, these are the instructions for you. You'll first need to download BelpInEx, either 6.0 or 6.0-pre.1.

BelpInEx 6.0-pre.1 can be found here:

BelpInEx 6.0 can be found here:

If you downloaded 6.0-pre.1, extract it into the same folder as "Shadows of Doubt.exe". If you downloaded 6.0, you should instead extract the folder and then copy the contents of the folder "BepInExPack" into the same folder as "Shadows of Doubt.exe".

After doing this, run the game and then exit. This should create the necessary folders for the next steps. Download your mods (ensure that they are compatible with the version of BelpInEx you downloaded), extract them, and place them into the "Shadows of DoubtBepInExplugins" directory, making sure that you retain the file structure inside the zip file. If this directory doesn't exist, create it first.

Make sure you don't accidentally double-stack any directories, such as by placing another "plugins" folder inside the "plugins" folder.

After doing this, load the game back up. After starting a new game or loading into an existing file, you should get a notice telling you that the mod(s) you installed has/have been enabled. Players making use of 6.0 should be aware that they can install mods from Thunderstore too, at least at the time of writing.

Mod Recommendations

If you're looking for some fun and interesting mods to try out in your next playthrough, here's a few you can find on Thunderstore:

  • Babbler: Gives NPCs audible voices, using either synthesized voices, phonetic gibberish, or droning repetitive gibberish.
  • By the Book: Adds a "Private Eye" SyncDisk to the Weapon Locker vendor. This allows players to ask for a guest pass to access a crime scene without needing to break in, with a success chance based on current Social Credit.
  • Real Estate Cruncher App: Adds an app to the crunchers in City Hall that allows you to see what properties are currently for sale and make a purchase directly from City Hall.
  • Hours of Operation: Displays a message showing a business' open hours when the door is locked and you try to open it.
  • SOD Stock Market: Adds a Stock Market app to crunchers, allowing you to buy and sell stocks in a procedurally generated stock market.
  • Government Lockdown: Makes access to people's government files harder, preventing the Government Database from completely trivializing your cases unless you're willing to break into enforcer offices.
  • Apartment Rent: Adds regular rent payments for owning an apartment, which must be managed in order to retain access.
  • Murder Cooldown Accelerator: Reduces the cooldown between murders, which in turn reduces your downtime between cases and between crime scenes.

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