Some Fans Will Be Able to Play Hades 2 Early

The developers of Hades 2 announce that some of the franchise’s fans will be able to play the upcoming game before it hits early access.

Some Fans Will Be Able to Play Hades 2 Early


  • Interested fans can now apply to play Hades 2 early by requesting access on the official Steam page.
  • Players who get access will be able to test a small part of the game's content before Early Access, featuring the first major area.
  • The test period will help Supergiant Games iron out bugs and receive feedback ahead of the game's Early Access launch.

Hades 2 developer Supergiant Games has recently announced that the upcoming game will have a “technical test” period in which gamers can apply to play early. Not only will this short test period help the developers iron out bugs, but it may also allow some lucky players to play Hades 2 before it hits Early Access.

Hades 2 was originally announced in 2022 at The Game Awards, and it has become one of the most eagerly awaited indie games since then. The original Hades sold over a million copies, and the upcoming sequel has the potential to be just as successful.

Now, Supergiant Games has invited Hades fans to participate in Hades 2’s technical test, which was devised to find and correct bugs before the game’s Early Access release. To participate, fans should visit the game’s official page on Steam, and request access. If they are lucky and get chosen by the devs, they will gain access to the game via email. Unfortunately, only a few players will be picked, as Supergiant Games intends to keep this testing period short. When participating, players are encouraged to give feedback to the developers, letting them know if they find any crashes or similar technical issues.

How To Sign Up To Play Hades 2 Early?

  • Players who want to play Hades 2 can visit the game's official Steam page and click on "Request Access."
  • Some of these players will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed to play Hades 2 early.

According to Supergiant Games, the upcoming Hades 2 technical test will only allow players to test a small part of the game’s content. This version of the game will contain only the first major area that will be featured in the final version. If players clear the first area several times, the game may “gently suggest” to them to stop playing, as Hades 2’s Early Access is said to be coming up soon.

In any case, participating in the technical test will give gamers a unique chance to peek at Hades 2 before most people. Hades 2 is Supergiant Games’ first sequel, and it will feature returning characters such as Zeus, as well as new ones like Hecate and Melinoe. While the sequel will have a gameplay loop similar to its predecessor, it’s also expected to come up with new mechanics and ideas.

While Hades 2 is an eagerly anticipated indie game, it does not have an official release date yet. In the post, the developers explained that they are not entirely sure how long the technical test will last, as it may range from “longer than a week” to “shorter than a month,” and that Hades 2’s Early Access will only happen after that.

Franchise Hades Platform(s) PC Released 2024-00-00 Developer(s) Supergiant Games Publisher(s) Supergiant Games Genre(s) Roguelike , Action See at Official Site

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