Some Final Fantasy 14 Players Aren’t Happy with Dawntrail’s New Character Graphics

Some Final Fantasy 14 players are upset about how their Warrior of Light looks in the Dawntrail benchmark, sparking concerns about the expansion.

Some Final Fantasy 14 Players Aren't Happy with Dawntrail's New Character Graphics


  • Some Final Fantasy 14 fans have mixed feelings about the Dawntrail graphical overhaul, especially regarding character appearance changes.
  • Social media platforms are abuzz with players' criticisms, ranging from lighting issues to texture changes on various races like Viera and Miqo'te.
  • Despite the backlash, fans can voice their concerns before the official launch in June, and are promised a free Fantasia to customize their characters.

Final Fantasy 14 is getting a graphical overhaul with the release of Dawntrail, but some fans aren't happy with what they're seeing so far. The graphical overhaul promises to give characters new visual depth and more refined appearances, something many have been hoping for now that Final Fantasy 14 is over a decade old.

Final Fantasy 14 just launched the Dawntrail benchmark test, which gives players their very first look at the world of the game with the new graphics in effect. This includes the ability to check out one's own Warrior of Light. However, some aren't impressed with their WoL's new appearance, and are worried about how the game will look in the future as a result.

During the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival, a new graphical overhaul for the game was revealed with comparison images of how playable characters will look before and after. The development team has been carefully putting this particular change into effect, as the developers understand that wildly changing the look of one's character could be disturbing. While the sneak peek at this change in the Dawntrail benchmark has impressed many fans, some aren't particularly thrilled about how their Warrior of Light now looks, and are worried about it.

Some Fans Aren't Happy About Dawntrail Character Changes

Messages and images have appeared on social media platforms discussing the change. In particular, players seem to be taking issue with the game's lighting, their characters' teeth, and the Miqo'te and Viera races' overhauls in general. Some of the complaints are purely around textures, with some Viera players lamenting the new nose shading makes their Warrior of Light's face look "dirty," while some female Lalafell players have complained about the opposite, in that the brown mark on their noses have faded.

Viera players, on the other hand, are upset because their characters' ears seem to glow under certain circumstances, and facial features appear to have changed. While fans expected Dawntrail to add more depth and some slight facial changes, some have noticed that it seems like the shape of certain features like the lips and nose have been altered, to their displeasure.

While this is disconcerting for some players, there are some positives. The first is that fans still have time to express their complaints to the development team so that changes might be made before Dawntrail's launch in June. Another is that every player has been promised a free Fantasia upon the game's graphical update, allowing them to retool their character as they see fit. With any luck, the changes will continue to improve and players will be satisfied with the finished product.

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