Sonic X Shadow Generations Gets Promising Update

Sonic x Shadow Generations gets a promising new update some three months after Sega announced the remaster of its 2011 platformer.

Sonic X Shadow Generations Gets Promising Update


  • Sonic x Shadow Generations received age ratings from multiple regulatory agencies.
  • This turn of events indicates that the game is on course to hit its release window without any delays.
  • The remaster of the celebrated 2011 platformer is currently targeting a fall 2024 launch.

Sonic x Shadow Generations has already received age classifications in several jurisdictions, with its latest rating emerging on April 19. This turn of events is a promising sign for Sega's fandom, as it indicates that Sonic x Shadow Generations is on course to hit the store shelves without any delays.

The remaster of the 2011 Sonic Generations was officially announced in late January. Much like its name implies, Sonic x Shadow Generations will include new Shadow levels, which will be presented as part of an extra "Shadow Generations" campaign.

Sonic x Shadow Generations Already Secured 2 Age Ratings

The upcoming version of the hit platformer has now received an age classification from the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC). The April 19 rating doesn't offer any new information about the contents of the game, which was classified as suitable for all ages, same as the original. But one of the auxiliary documents that Sega submitted along with its classification application does reveal a previously unknown detail about the project, confirming that Sonic x Shadow Generations has also already been classified by Japan's Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), which doesn't maintain a publicly searchable database of its content ratings.

Sega's announcement of the upcoming remaster saw the Japanese publisher commit to a fall 2024 launch for Sonic x Shadow Generations. The fact that the company is already in the process of doing the regulatory legwork for releasing the game indicates that the project is still on course to hit that release window without any delays. Granted, the age ratings alone are not a guarantee of such an outcome, not least because regulatory agencies most often classify games based on their content descriptions, which can and commonly are provided well in advance of any given title going gold.

Sonic x Shadow Generations is Meant to Round Off Sega's 'Year of the Shadow'

That notwithstanding, Sonic x Shadow Generations has looked locked in for 2024 for a while now. That is largely because Sega has recently proclaimed 2024 to be the Year of Shadow. Sonic x Shadow Generations is hence currently planned to serve as a culmination of that celebratory period encompassing everything from Shadow-themed meals to motorcycle tours, among other types of promos.

The upcoming remaster of Sonic Generations isn't the only Sega title that has recently received an age rating ahead of its fall 2024 debut. Atlus's Metaphor: ReFantazio was also classified by several regulatory agencies back in March. Both games are still waiting for official release dates, which some industry watchers speculate may be announced as early as June. That theory is mostly based on the fact that Sega has been strengthening its relationship with Microsoft in recent years, and that the tech giant has already confirmed an Xbox Games Showcase for June 2024.

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