Sony Patents ‘Auto-Play’ Game Mode

Sony patents a new technology that could enable an ‘auto-play’ mode in PlayStation games, potentially allowing players to skip some gameplay segments.

Sony Patents 'Auto-Play' Game Mode


  • Sony's new patent for an AI-powered system could revolutionize gaming by allowing players to skip repetitive or grindy gameplay sections.
  • The Auto-Play Mode technology uses an AI model to simulate gameplay styles and could be implemented in Sony's PlayStation games.
  • While potentially controversial, this system could benefit players who struggle with lengthy games and grinding, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Sony has recently filed a patent for a new AI-powered system that could be used for auto-playing parts of games. Like all major tech companies, Sony files numerous patents every year, but this one stands out due to its potential to drastically change how gamers play.

Sony is one of the leading forces in the gaming market. As the company is rumored to be gearing up for the PS5 Pro’s launch later in 2024, it’s also devising new technologies that could greatly change how gaming works.

Now, Sony filed a patent that could be implemented to create an AI-powered system that would enable gamers to skip gameplay segments by employing an “Auto-Play Mode.” According to the patent, the auto-gaming mode would use an AI model to learn how to simulate gameplay style by taking information from cloud-based services such as the PlayStation Network (PSN). The patent comes with a few ideas for the implementation of this new tech, such as emulating the specific gameplay style of a gamer after learning from a few sections of repetitive gameplay, for example. Another idea is related to anticipated grinding content (AGC), giving the player the chance to turn on this option before these moments of perceived repetitive gameplay start. When playing, gamers would have the option to resume the Auto-Play Mode at any instant or receive a notification after a certain grindy section has been completed.

How Would Sony's Auto-Play Mode Work?

Sony Patents 'Auto-Play' Game Mode

  • Sony's technology would use an AI-powered model to learn how to play games using information from cloud-based services like PSN.
  • This trained model would be used to offer an Auto-Play Mode in PlayStation games.
  • This way, PlayStation gamers would not need to play grindy or repetitive sections of games.

While this is certainly a controversial idea that will not be seen in a positive light by many gamers, it could also be handy. Players who often engage in games that are too long and full of grinding could potentially use this system to skip these sections, playing only the parts that entertain them. Curiously, the patent indicates that the system could also be used in third-party games, as it cites employing data from cloud systems like PSN during the AI’s training.

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear on which systems the technology described in this patent could be implemented. Aside from the current PS5 and the rumored PS5 Pro, Sony recently filed a patent supporting rumors of a PlayStation handheld. So, time will tell if this potential Auto-Play Mode will become a reality, and to which systems it will be available.

This is not the only patent related to AI that Sony filed recently. Back in March, the console manufacturer also filed a patent that could facilitate how AI video game streams react to viewer feedback, for example.

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