Spider-Man 2 Releases Yet Another Update for April 2024

Insomniac Games releases yet another update for the Spider-Man 2 game, available for PS5 gamers to download right now.

Spider-Man 2 Releases Yet Another Update for April 2024


  • Spider-Man 2's latest update fixes the Classic Suit variants bug.
  • Insomniac Games releases regular updates for Spider-Man 2, aiming to provide a smoother experience.
  • Rumors suggest potential major DLC expansions for Spider-Man 2 introducing new characters and storylines.

Yet another update is readily available for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 players to download right now. Insomniac Games has released multiple updates for Spider-Man 2 since first launching the game last year. Spider-Man 2 earned rave reviews from fans and critics alike at the time of its release, but there's always room for improvement, and Insomniac has definitely improved the game with the various updates it's released so far.

One of the more recent Spider-Man 2 game updates dropped just last week. That Spider-Man 2 update tackled a variety of bugs that have been lingering in the game, with the aim of providing a more polished, smoother experience for fans. Unfortunately, that update seemed to trigger a new problem in Spider-Man 2, but Insomniac has been quick to issue yet another patch to correct the issue.

Spider-Man 2 update 1.002.004 is available to download right now, and it contains a single fix for fans to take note of. The previous Spider-Man 2 update caused a problem with Classic Suit variants that made them unusable, limiting the available wardrobe for players to choose from. After downloading the latest update, Spider-Man 2 players should no longer have to worry about any issues equipping the various suits in the game.

It's unlikely that this will be the last update for Spider-Man 2. Rumors and leaks have suggested that major Spider-Man 2 DLC expansions are on the way that could potentially introduce new characters and continue the story from the base game. Insomniac has yet to announce any official plans for Spider-Man 2 DLC, but the leaks stem from the Insomniac ransomware attack, and so chances are good that they are on the way — assuming that plans for the DLC haven't been canceled, of course.

That same Insomniac leak also potentially pulled the curtain back on plans for future games from the studio. If the leaks are accurate, it seems that a standalone Venom game, perhaps on the scale of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, will be released to tide fans over while they wait for the Wolverine game. The leaks suggested that the Venom game will come out in 2025, while Wolverine's release date will fall in 2026.

Time will tell just how accurate the Insomniac leaks will be to real life, but in the meantime, fans can expect the studio to continue improving Spider-Man 2 with updates like this. Fans can download the latest Spider-Man 2 update now and, once again, have no problems choosing between all the different suits in the open world superhero game.

Spider-Man 2 Update 1.002.004 Patch Notes


  • Addresses an issue where the Classic Suit variants were unusable (via 1.002.003)

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