Star Wars is Officially Returning to Fortnite

Fortnite and Star Wars are once again joining forces for the annual May the Fourth collab, bringing an intergalactic theme to the new cosmetics types.

Star Wars is Officially Returning to Fortnite


  • Fortnite collaborates with Star Wars for new content, including quests, weapons, and map locations.
  • May the Fourth celebration in Fortnite features a new Star Wars event starting on May 3, 2024.
  • Expect Cantina Band track, Mythic Wookie Bowcaster weapon, Leia skin, Lightsabers, and more in the collaboration.

A new Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration is on the horizon, and soon enough, players will be able to try out brand-new content and play with returning items and weapons. Fortnite has participated in dozens of collaborations over the years.

Many collaborations result in time-limited quests and cosmetic items, while others take it to the next level with the release of themed weapons and map locations. So, while some of these projects are a one-time thing, such as the Creed Cup back in 2023, others have multiple waves with recurring events every now and then. Out of all the collaborations in Fortnite, Star Wars might be the franchise that returns more often.

With May the Fourth around the corner, many fans were already expecting some sort of celebration in Fortnite, as it has become an annual tradition at this point. On April 15, Fortnite revealed the upcoming collaboration with Star Wars on May 3. The announcement was made on several official profiles, such as the one dedicated to Fortnite Battle Royale, LEGO Fortnite, and Fortnite Festival, so players can expect content for each of these game modes.

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