Star Wars Outlaws Jabba the Hutt Mission Comes With a Big Catch

Star Wars fans who were hoping to play through the Jabba’s Gambit mission in Star Wars Outlaws will need one extra requirement to fulfill.

Star Wars Outlaws Jabba the Hutt Mission Comes With a Big Catch


  • Star Wars Outlaws offers an exclusive Jabba the Hutt mission behind a Season Pass, sparking controversy among fans.
  • Ubisoft's pricing for special editions of Star Wars Outlaws, ranging from $109.99 to $129.99, has not been well-received.
  • Players can access all bonus content with the Ultimate Edition by subscribing to Ubisoft+ for $17.99, a move met with backlash.

Ubisoft's upcoming Star Wars Outlaws will lock an exclusive mission featuring Jabba the Hutt behind the Season Pass. While Star Wars fans were excited about the concept of an open world title set in A Galaxy Far Far Away, the latest information revealed for Outlaws has been controversial. Star Wars Outlaws takes place before Return of the Jedi, and places its players in the role of Kay Vess, an ambitious scoundrel and thief from Cantonica. However, despite being an entirely single-player experience, Ubisoft has designed Star Wars Outlaws as an always-online title, with a Season Pass that will offer players access to exclusive content.

While this decision has been unpopular with fans, the price tag for the special editions of Star Wars Outlaws hasn't helped either. In order to enjoy the full breadth of content in Outlaws, Ubisoft expects players to pay either $109.99 for the Gold Edition of the game, or $129.99 for the Ultimate Edition, which also comes with two cosmetic bundles and a digital art book of Star Wars Outlaws. The Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition come with the Season Pass, which will allow players to continue Kay Vess' story through the exclusive Jabba's Gambit mission and two additional story expansions once they release.

Jabba's Gambit Mission Is a Season Pass Exclusive in Star Wars Outlaws

Details on the Season Pass can now be read on the official Star Wars Outlaws website, with the Gold and Ultimate Edition also allowing customers to play Star Wars Outlaws sooner with a 3-Day Early Access period. Given that Jabba the Hutt played a prominent role in the game's marketing, with Ubisoft claiming that Kay Vess could either betray or ally with Jabba, some players will no doubt be disappointed that the content will be locked behind the Season Pass at launch.

The full release of Star Wars Outlaws is August 27, 2024, as it will launch on the PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. While Ubisoft's open world formula has caught some critique in the past couple of years, Star Wars Outlaws will offer the developers a chance to breathe new life into an old format. Kay Vess will be able to traverse the planets in Star Wars Outlaws on her customizable speeder, and will similarly be able to hop across different planets via the Trailblazer, a light freighter that serves as her ship and base of operations.

An important thing to note is that Ubisoft will allow players to enjoy all the bonus content coming with the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Outlaws by subscribing to Ubisoft+ for $17.99. While many Star Wars fans would prefer to subscribe for a month or two and enjoy Outlaws at an affordable price, Ubisoft's goal with Ubisoft+ is for its customers to become comfortable with not owning the video games they play – a direction that has been met with considerable backlash.

Franchise Star Wars Platform(s) PC , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released August 30, 2024 Developer(s) Massive Entertainment

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