Stardew Valley: Best Fruits for Wine 

Choosing the right fruits for crafting wine can lead to a profitable income in Stardew Valley, ensuring a successful farm life.

Stardew Valley: Best Fruits for Wine 

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The primary focus of Stardew Valley is to revive the farm inherited by the player’s grandfather and turn the overgrown fields into a vibrant farm with lively crops that yield nutritious foods. Once players have accomplished that, the game allows them to explore different ventures, ranging from fishing, mining, and crafting — all the way to learning how to make wine. For players looking to create their own winery in Stardew Valley, they need to craft kegs.

Kegs can take up to seven days to effectively process crops into juices and alcohol, which players can either consume or sell. It's evident that selling wine in Stardew Valley is an excellent way to boost earnings, and certain fruits will boost the wine's value even further.

Updated on April 16, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: Winemaking is definitely worth one's time in Stardew Valley. If the player is patient enough, they'll make a huge profit off of this enterprise. This guide has been updated and now includes a section to help players maximize their profits when selling wine in Stardew Valley.

Best Fruits for Making Wine

Stardew Valley: Best Fruits for Wine 

With a lot of selling points to consider, and a variety of fruits to choose from, players often ponder over which fruits are the most lucrative for crafting high-value wine that enhances their in-game earnings. Below is a comprehensive list of the best fruits for making profitable wine in Stardew Valley:

Fruit Name Fruit's Base Value Base Selling Price Iridium Quality Price Iridium Wine Price with Artisan Profession
Starfruit 750 g 2,250 g 4,500 g 6,300 g
Ancient Fruit 550 g 1,650 g 3,300 g 4,620 g
Pineapple 300 g 900 g 1,800 g 2,520 g
Melon 250 g 750 g 1,500 g 2,100 g
Rhubarb 220 g 660 g 1,320 g 1,848 g
Crystal Fruit 150 g 450 g 900 g 1,260 g
Banana 150 g 450 g 900 g 1,260 g
Pomegranate 140 g 420 g 840 g 1,176 g
Peach 140 g 420 g 840 g 1,176 g
Mango 130 g 390 g 780 g 1,092 g
Strawberry 120 g 360 g 720 g 1,008 g
Coconut 100 g 300 g 600 g 840 g
Orange 100 g 300 g 600 g 840 g
Apple 100 g 300 g 600 g 840 g
Wild Plum 80 g 240 g 480 g 672 g
Spice Berry 80 g 240 g 480 g 672 g
Grape 80 g 240 g 480 g 672 g
Cherry 80 g 240 g 480 g 672 g
Cranberries 75 g 225 g 450 g 630 g
Cactus Fruit 75 g 150 g 300 g 630 g
Blueberry 50 g 150 g 300 g 420 g
Apricot 50 g 150 g 300 g 420 g
Hot Pepper 40 g 120 g 240 g 336 g
Blackberry 20 g 60 g 120 g 168 g
Salmonberry 5 g 15 g 30 g 42 g
Qi Fruit 1 g 3 g 6 g 8 g

In terms of profit, Starfruit stands out as the most lucrative choice for crafting high-value wine. With a base selling price of 2,250 g, which can go up to 4,500 g for Iridium quality, this wine would enable players to generate massive in-game earnings. Ancient Fruit is not far behind with a base price of 1,650 g per bottle and a huge amount of 3,300 for Iridium quality.

How to Maximize Profits

Stardew Valley: Best Fruits for Wine 

While players will get plenty of money for selling their wine, there are two ways to maximize profits when selling in Stardew Valley:

Aging Wine

The best way to increase the price of wine in Stardew Valley is to age it. For those wondering how to age wine in Stardew Valley, all they have to do is leave it inside the keg and wait for two seasons, as wine needs a total fo 56 days inside a keg to turn into Iridium quality wine.

Silver quality wine increases its base value by x1.25 and takes 14 days to make. Gold quality wine increases its base value by x1.5 and takes 28 days to make. Lastly, Iridium quality wine doubles its base value and takes 56 days to make.

Artisan Profession

Once players reach Level 10 of the Farming Skill in Stardew Valley, they'll have to choose between the Artisan and the Agriculturist professions. Becoming an artisan allows players to sell artisan goods, which includes wine, for 40 percent more gold, which is why Iridium quality Starfruit wine is particularly valuable if sold by an artisan.

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