Stardew Valley Fan Makes Impressive Wizard’s Tower and ‘Hat Mouse’ Dioramas

The Abandoned House of the ‘Hat Mouse’ and the Wizard’s Tower are the subject of a creative fan’s artwork, resulting in impressive dioramas.

Stardew Valley Fan Makes Impressive Wizard’s Tower and 'Hat Mouse' Dioramas


  • A fan creates detailed dioramas of Stardew Valley locations, including the Wizard's Tower and Hat Mouse's house.
  • The dioramas are small but packed with intricate details, capturing the essence of the in-game designs.
  • Creator _PuppyPotter27_ used foamboard, cardstock, paperboard, and foam sheets to bring these dioramas to life.

A creative Stardew Valley fan has combined their passion for the indie game and art by creating two impressive real-life dioramas: one of the Wizard’s Tower and the other of the Abandoned House of the “Hat Mouse.” Thanks to the popularity of Stardew Valley, fans create artwork based on Pelican Town and its residents regularly. However, these recently shared dioramas are notable for their immense detail packed into relatively small models.

While Pelican Town might be the central hub of activity in Stardew Valley, the game’s world expands far beyond the confines of the town. Throughout a playthrough, gamers will come across various other locations and NPCs. Among the most notable places of interest in Stardew Valley are the Wizard’s Tower, home of the mysterious Wizard, and the Abandoned House, where the “Hat Mouse” sells his wares to the player. Recently, a player paid tribute to these in-game locations by making real-life replicas.

Known on Reddit as _PuppyPotter27_, the Stardew Valley fan shared a collection of images of both their Wizard’s Tower and Abandoned House dioramas. Both dioramas featured rectangular bases with the main structures in the middle. Impressively, the creator included all the important details from the in-game pixel art of the buildings in their real-life designs. For example, the Wizard’s Tower had ivy creeping up the stone walls, and the telescope and weathervane were visible on the conical roof. For the Abandoned House, they added details like Stardew Valley's Hat Mouse peeking out from the front door and a small sign that said “hats” posted on the side of a dilapidated wall.

How Were These Stardew Valley Dioramas Made?

Beyond sharing several pictures of the finished designs, _PuppyPotter27_ revealed details about their dioramas in the comments section. According to the creator, the dioramas were composed predominately of foamboard, cardstock, paperboard, and foam sheets. While the level of detail made the Hat Mouse house and Wizard's Tower from Stardew Valley seem rather large, the creator revealed they were quite small. The base of the Wizard’s Tower measured 7.5cm x 7.5cm with a height of 13.5cm to the top of the weathervane, and the Hat Mouse diorama was 15cm x 10cm with the roof measuring 7cm tall. In addition, _PuppyPotter27_ shared a video on Instagram that walked through the numerous steps in making the Wizard’s Tower.

It is often exciting to see what creative projects fans make based on the game. With Stardew Valley Update 1.6 injecting new life into the game's community, it will be interesting to see if even more fans are inspired to create fan art based on the residents and landmarks in and around Pelican Town.

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