Stardew Valley Glitch Makes Ducks Have a Dance Party

A Stardew Valley player fan experiences an odd sight on their farm, discovering that their ducks are dancing in their chicken coop.

Stardew Valley Glitch Makes Ducks Have a Dance Party


  • Glitches in Stardew Valley can lead to amusing scenes like ducks having a dance party in a coop.
  • It's common for bugs in the game to be harmless and add charm rather than causing real issues.
  • Developer ConcernedApe ensures players have the best experience by releasing regular updates and patches.

A Stardew Valley player has experienced an unexpected glitch that led to their ducks throwing a dance party in their coop. The strange sight would be amusing for nearly any Stardew Valley player who encountered it.

Stardew Valley has had its share of bugs and glitches over the years, but developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone regularly releases updates and patches to iron out the worst of them. While the developer seems ready to move on, he keeps returning to the title to ensure that players have the best experience possible. Thankfully, it doesn't look like this particular visual glitch is going to have a negative impact on gameplay.

Stardew Valley player SgtFisherman shared their experience of walking into their chicken coop only to discover their ducks seemingly having a party. While one Stardew Valley duck is asleep in the center of the room, the others are all bobbing their heads and wings in unison, making it look like they're dancing. The player has overlayed an electronica beat over the video, further adding to the effect. While this is a simple glitch that is just causing the ducks to loop through an animation incorrectly, it's nonetheless cracking other players up.

Many fans were quick to share their amusement, making puns about the scene with comments like how they're "ducking around" or listening to "heavy duckstep." Most fans seem to be pleased about the sight and indicated ways to make it even better, by adding decorative elements like lights and crystal flooring. Another suggested that this should be an actual feature in the game if a Stardew Valley player puts a jukebox in the chicken coop. The OP themselves joked that the ducks were charging a a cover fee and were "evolving."

Harmless Stardew Valley Glitches

While some bugs and glitches can ruin a game experience for players, some of the most commonly sighted ones in Stardew Valley are like this; purely visual and not a problem for the player, outside of being a bit surprising. Fans occasionally experience glitches where Stardew Valley players end up with duplicate pets, for example. Other common oddities include seeing Robin appear at strange places on the farm, or having a partner standing outside of the accessible portion of the player's farmhouse, essentially hovering in a dark void. While odd, some players find these glitches part of the charm of the game, and it seems several would be happy to see their ducks partying, too.

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