Stardew Valley Player Converts Bedroom into Cozy Tea Room

A Stardew Valley player overhauls their farmhouse bedroom, converting it entirely into a cozy tea room to relax and sip tea in.

Stardew Valley Player Converts Bedroom into Cozy Tea Room


  • Stardew Valley fan transforms bedroom into cozy tea room with potted plants and daylight, showcasing creativity and customization options.
  • Addition of ability to move bed in Stardew Valley update allows players to redesign bedroom spaces, showcasing game's flexibility and creativity.
  • Tea plants added in update 1.4 offer new gameplay elements like brewing and drinking tea, providing energy boost and speed buff for players.

A Stardew Valley fan has shared their converted bedroom room with other players, and fans are charmed. The Stardew Valley player decided to overhaul their room to turn it into a cozy tea room, giving the space a completely different feel than before.

Stardew Valley lets players overhaul their farm houses and other structures, like sheds, essentially however they like. Originally, farmers were somewhat limited in what they could do with their bedrooms, as the bed was a permanent fixture. However, back in the 1.5 Stardew Valley update, the game added the ability to move beds, giving players the option to put one somewhere else in their farmhouse. This essentially turned the default bedroom into an open canvas for players, allowing them to completely repurpose the space if they saw fit.

That's what Stardew Valley player heeeeeeyhello did, as demonstrated by a pair of images they shared of their charming tea room. The room has been flooded with potted plants and decorative plants, creating a very green space that's quite relaxing. A few sparse lights are set around the room, but large windows on the wall allow the room to flood with daylight. The player has set down a table and chairs at the south end of the room, complete with a tea cup, and another bench is present in the corner, giving an option of places to relax in.

The ability to grow tea plants was added in the Stardew Valley 1.4 update, and a few of the plants can be spotted here. The player pointed out that they want more tea plants, but need to gather fiber to create more. Heeeeeeyhello notes that they love matcha green tea, and that fondness helped to inspire the new use of this room.

Green Tea and Stardew Valley

Tea in Stardew Valley can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on what the player is most interested in. For fans like heeeeeeyhello, one of the best uses of the tea may be brewing and drinking it, which can be achieved once the tea saplings are fully grown and they have tea leaves to be gathered. Green tea in the game counts as an artisan good, but its value isn't as high as some other items. However, it does have some perks, giving the player +30 energy and a +.5 speed buff. It also makes a good gift, with everyone in the town enjoying it to an extent, except for the kids Jas and Vincent.

While Stardew Valley's tea leaves are less valuable in terms of speed buffs or artisan product earnings than some options in the game, there are still perks to the plant. Tea saplings don't need to be watered, so players can completely ignore them until their tea leaves are ready to be harvested. Gathering the leaves doesn't destroy the plant, which will continue to produce new leaves that can be picked at the end of every season. Winter is usually a dormant period for tea leaves, but since these are indoors, heeeeeeyhello will be enjoying them year-round.

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