Starfield Fan Points Out How Grenades Being Weak Makes No Sense

A Starfield fan has sparked a discussion online due to the science behind the frag grenades clashing with their weak power in-game.

Starfield Fan Points Out How Grenades Being Weak Makes No Sense

One Starfield fan has started a discussion by pointing out how weak frag grenades are in the game, and how that makes no scientific sense. The grenades in question have been present in the game since day one, though a recent discovery makes their weakness even more confusing to Starfield fans.

Despite the early-game scarcity of grenades, frags will eventually become fairly common, as they are the most common variant of grenades found in Starfield. These grenades deal 101 base damage, with their damage only getting doubled if Starfield players invest skill points into Demolitions. To put their low damage into perspective, the Old Earth Pistol has base damage of 28, whereas the Hard Target ballistic rifle has base damage of 116, with 0.50 caliber ammo, which would make the frag grenades found in Starfield weaker than modern hand grenades using TNT.

A Starfield fan by the username NightBeWheat55149 has recently pointed out in a Reddit post that frag grenades actually use antimatter, which is far more explosive than any chemical compound, including TNT. To be more precise, a whole 8.8 oz of antimatter in a hand-held grenade, not even one that is launched by a grenade launcher of any kind. This further prompted a discussion about Bethesda's attention to detail in Starfield, or lack therof.

Starfield Frag Grenades Are Stronger Than Nukes

As one fan by the username of Dysghats pointed out in the comments: "It says 8.8oz matter/antimatter, so that grenade would actually blow up an entire city." According to London's Global University, one gram of antimatter, interacting with matter, would yield an explosion that is equivalent to the power of a nuclear bomb. Seeing as the frag grenade in Starfield contains 8.8 oz of antimatter, which is around 250 grams, would make it more powerful than any explosive ever detonated in the current history of humanity, and is one of the reasons planet Earth is desolate in Starfield.

The top comment, made by Reddit user lasercult also points out: "Yeah, and entire spaceships sell for the cost of 100 servings of Chunk." This points to the fact that, just like the lack of logic found in frag grenades, having the weapons on board a ship be worth more than the ship itself makes no sense. However, the suspension of disbelief is necessary for game balance to work, and the same goes for Starfield's balancing of damage, and economy.

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