Starfield Player Learns The Hard Way You Need to Be Careful About What You Pick Up

A Starfield player finds out that picking up items may have dire consequences, even if they appear to be useless and mundane.

Starfield Player Learns The Hard Way You Need to Be Careful About What You Pick Up


  • Starfield players should always be careful what they pick up, as shown by one player lifting a simple cardboard box only to outrage some security enforcers.
  • Despite fairly good-but-not-great review scores, Starfield is gaining fame for its immersive universe with hidden quirks, as players are continuing to stumble across memorable moments.
  • Bethesda's RPGs, like Starfield, have strange rules about ownership that can lead to unexpected consequences, and this funny box scenario was proof of that.

A Starfield player finds themselves in hot water with the local security enforcers for picking up an unassuming cardboard box. Since releasing on PC and Xbox consoles in September 2023, gamers have been exploring the massive Starfield universe and sharing little quirks that they find during their adventures.

Even with a somewhat lukewarm reception from critics, Starfield has quickly gained notoriety as one of Bethesda’s most immersive games. The action RPG features an expansive galaxy that contains 1000 worlds for players to experience. Along with the in-depth exploration weaved into the game, loot can be found in almost every crevice that gamers can find. Although, as one player recently found out, even the items that appear the most mundane can be valuable to someone else.

The user Weegeepie42099 has posted a video on Reddit of them wandering around one of Starfield’s large outposts, looking for various pieces of loot before picking up a cardboard box. When the player takes hold of the box, a UCSEC security guard appears and quickly advises that the box should be put down or there will be consequences. When Weegeepie42099 attempts to put the box on the guard’s head, things escalate with the officer choosing to open fire in the crowded location rather than resolve the situation amicably.

Starfield Player Causes Mayhem By Picking Up A Box

Fans have understandably found the situation rather comedic. In the replies to the post, one user points out that the security guard could be having a bad day. Others point to Bethesda’s strange rules about ownership that appear across most of their RPGs, not just Starfield. Why the guard would harass Weegeepie42099 for picking up an empty cardboard box is still up for debate, although it seems the player faired better than a Starfield NPC who melted through the floor after being caught stealing.

The issue with the cardboard box could also be another glitch that Weegeepie42099 has stumbled across. Bethesda has pushed out numerous patches since the game was released, with the most recent Starfield patch rolling out to players in March 2024. This lengthy update fixed a large number of gameplay elements, and while the game is much better for it, there could still be a few bugs to contend with.

Despite UCSEC guards seemingly being overprotective of a cardboard box, Starfield remains popular in gaming. PC players in particular have been enjoying a host of mods that improve the experience, including a new one called The Deep End. This new mod boosts Starfield’s NG+ difficulty and encourages players to fully explore their surroundings before heading into a firefight.

Platform(s) PC , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released September 6, 2023 Developer(s) Bethesda Publisher(s) Bethesda Genre(s) Action , RPG How Long To Beat 20 Hours

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