Starfield Players Call for New Quality of Life Feature

Starfield players take to the internet to ask developer Bethesda for a possible minor quality-of-life update that would make a game element easier.

Starfield Players Call for New Quality of Life Feature


  • Starfield players want a fix to the planetary landing system to delete saved destinations for better navigation.
  • Bethesda promises major updates in 2024, including quality-of-life fixes and new ways to customize ships.
  • Fans are excited for the Shattered Space DLC and new features like city maps and different difficulty options.

Starfield players are calling for a new quality-of-life fix to deal with a minor issue in the game. It's been nearly a month since the game's last update and promised major changes from developer and publisher Bethesda haven't arrived yet, which seems to be why its player community has been taking to Starfield mods to add new features.

Starfield, Bethesda's newest IP, was released for the PC and Xbox Series X/S in September 2023 to a lot of hype and critical acclaim from gamers and media. Since then, however, that hype has trailed off a bit, with many citing that there isn't that much to do after playing its main thread. While its story and main campaign drew praise as some of Bethesda's best writing yet, its space travel was noted to be somewhat one-dimensional.

Over on the Starfield subreddit, a user named MclovinTHCa shared their opinion about how Bethesda should fix the planetary landing system of Starfield to allow players to delete previously saved destinations. This is because it's possible to save many different landing spots on a single planet, resulting in overcrowding, especially within a particular area. Other players agreed, recounting their own stories about how the accumulated destinations can make it hard to remember the best spot they've found. Even with a character perk that shows players more detailed resource information on a specific landing spot, gamers have observed that this feature can still be unreliable.

What's Coming To Starfield In 2024

  • Shattered Space DLC
  • City maps
  • New ways to travel
  • New ship customization options
  • New difficulty options

Starfield is set to have a strong 2024 to continue its lifespan. Its first major DLC expansion Shattered Space doesn't have an official release date yet, but a lot of fans are already pinning a lot of high hopes and their continued play of Starfield on its success. There aren't any concrete details yet on what Shattered Space will be bringing to the game, which is why it's currently open season on speculation.

Other things Bethesda has also promised in its Starfield roadmap for the year are major updates for the game experience. It runs the gauntlet from quality-of-life updates such as the implementation of in-game maps for the universe's dense cities and additional ways to customize one's ships, to radical features such as new and different modes of travel across the galaxy and presumably harder difficulty options. So far, Bethesda's patches for Starfield have mainly focused on fixing relatively minor technical issues, and there hasn't been any word yet on when the new features will finally be implemented, only that they'll be coming sometime in 2024.

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