Steam Deck: How To Run PS2 Games With EmuDeck

Thanks to the EmuDeck program, it is possible to play PS2 games on your Steam Deck.

Steam Deck: How To Run PS2 Games With EmuDeck

The versatility of the Steam Deck extends far beyond being a handheld gaming device. It can function as a working desktop PC running its built-in Linux OS or players can use it as a retro gaming device to play classic games using an emulation program. Thanks to the EmuDeck app, players can use the Steam Deck to run PlayStation 2 games. With the EmuDeck, Steam Deck users can add their games to their Steam library complete with artwork and game covers. This guide will show Steam Deck fans how to run PS2 games on their device.

Items Needed To Install EmuDeck On The Steam Deck

Before attempting to install the EmuDeck app on the Steam Deck, users should be prepared to make the installation go smoothly. Obtain the following items before installing EmuDeck:

Install EmuDeck On The Steam Deck For PS2 Games

Steam Deck: How To Run PS2 Games With EmuDeck

Use the following steps to install the EmuDeck on the Steam Deck:

  • Press the Steam button below the left trackpad.
  • Select the Power option.
  • Switch to Desktop Mode.
  • Open a preferred browser and download EmuDeck using this link.
  • Select the SteamOS version and download it. After EmuDeck has downloaded, double-click the installer to begin the installation.
  • Select Custom Install.
  • On the EmuDeck menu select the SD card image.
  • The EmuDeck will list a range of emulators. The emulator needed for PS2 games is called the PCSX2. Check the PCSX2 or add more to try emulators.
  • Ensure the Steam Rom Manager is selected too. This will display the games on the main Steam library.
  • Skip along the options, and enable the Configure CRT Shader for Classic 3D Games option.
  • Select Finish to finalize the installation.

Transferring Bios And ROM Files On The Emudeck

Steam Deck: How To Run PS2 Games With EmuDeck

With the legally obtained ROMs and the Bios files downloaded, it's time to manually place them in their correct folders on the Steam Deck.

Bios Files

  • Open the Dolphin file manager in Desktop Mode.
  • Access the EmuDeck installation on the SD card by selecting Primary.
  • Click on Emulation.
  • Then select Bios.
  • Then transfer the Bios files into the folder.

ROM Files

  • Open the Emulation folder and select ROMS.
  • Locate the folder labeled PS2.
  • Then transfer the PS2 ROMS into that folder.

Adding PS2 Games To The Steam Library

Steam Deck: How To Run PS2 Games With EmuDeck

With the Bios and PS2 ROM files in their correct folders. It's time to add the games to the Steam Deck library. Use the following steps to add PS2 games to the Steam library with their correct artwork and covers:

  • Open the EmuDeck app
  • Select Steam Rom Manager.

The Steam Rom Manager program places emulated games into the Steam library.

  • Click Yes to launch the Steam Rom Manager.
  • Switch Toggle Parsers off or on if using multiple emulators.
  • Scroll down and switch on Sony PlayStation 2 — PCSX2.
  • Then click Preview.
  • On the next screen select Parse.
  • The EmuDeck will add the games and their artwork to the Steam library.
  • Select Save to Steam.
  • When the process has finished close the Steam Rom Manager and switch back to Gaming Mode.
  • In Gaming Mode, press the Steam button.
  • Select Library and select the new tab labeled Collections.
  • The new PS2 games will appear in the PS2 tab.
  • The games will launch from the Steam library like an official game.

Improving Visual Quality

It's possible to improve the visual fidelity of some PS2 games and reduce the jaggy outlines. Use the following steps, but be aware that the results can be varied for some titles.

  • Double-tap the screen to access the emulator's settings menu.
  • Select Graphics.
  • Put a check on the FXAA option for anti-aliasing.
  • In the dropdown menu next to Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, select Sharpen Only.

If games are running slow, press the QAS button under the right trackpad, highlight the Performance menu, increase the Frame Limit to 60 FPS and toggle Use per-game profile on.

That's everything needed to run PS2 games on the Steam Deck and improve the visual quality.

Dimensions 16 x 5 x 3 inches Brand Valve Weight 3.54 pounds Battery 2 Lithium Ion batteries required

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