Stellar Blade: Burning Questions

Learn the answers to the biggest questions about Stellar Blade in this guide.

Stellar Blade: Burning Questions

Stellar Blade is an upcoming action game created by Shift Up, a Korean developer. The game was originally announced as Project Eve in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. But it was later confirmed that it would be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 5.

With Stellar Blade's release ever so close, players are gearing up to play what promises to be a special game. Before the game comes out, some players might still have questions related to Stellar Blade, and they will find the answers to all of them in this FAQ guide.

Stellar Blade Frequently Asked Questions


When Can I Start Playing Stellar Blade?

You can start playing Stellar Blade at midnight on April 26th, 2024.

Can I Preload Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade will begin preloading on April 19th, 2024, at midnight. So, players who have pre-ordered the digital release will be done with the download before the game actually releases.

What Bonuses Do I Get With Stellar Blade Pre-Order?

There are two editions of the game: Standard and Deluxe. If players order either of them, they will receive the following items:

  • Planet Diving Suit for EVE
  • Classic Round Glasses for EVE
  • Ear Armor Earrings for EVE

Is Stellar Blade PlayStation Exclusive?

Yes. Although it was initially announced for multiple platforms, it later became a PlayStation exclusive. Stellar Blade is only playable on PlayStation 5.

Will Stellar Blade Come To PC?

Stellar Blade is not going to be released on PC for at least a couple of years. So, PC gamers will have to wait for a while before a PC port is announced.

Will Stellar Blade Be Available On Xbox?

Since Stellar Blade is a PlayStation exclusive, there is no chance of the game coming to Xbox. Those who don't own a PlayStation will either have to wait for a PC port or hope for an Xbox release.

Is Stellar Blade Open World?

​​​​​St​​ellar Blade is not an open-world game. However, players will be able to travel freely within a specific area.

Does Stellar Blade Have Multiplayer/Co-op?

No. Stellar Blade is a single-player game, which means players cannot play with their friends.

What Is Stellar Blade File Size?

Despite being an exclusive game on a next-generation console, Stellar Blade will only take up 30.448 GB of space. However, this number can change if Shift Up releases new patches.

Where Is Stellar Blade Set?

Stellar Blade has a futuristic setting. In the game, players will have to explore Earth, which has been taken over by a mysterious force.

Does Stellar Blade Have Different Difficulties?

According to the official page for Stellar Blade, the game will have two difficulties. The game has a lot of combat mechanics, which players need to learn at all costs in order to take down tough enemies.

Platform(s) PS5 Released April 26, 2024 Developer(s) Shift Up Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre(s) Action RPG

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