Stellar Blade Fan Using 3D Printer to Create Eve Statue

A Stellar Blade fan showcases their enthusiasm for the highly anticipated game by creating and sharing a model of Eve for 3D printing.

Stellar Blade Fan Using 3D Printer to Create Eve Statue


  • A fan's dedication to Stellar Blade is showcased through a 3D-printed Eve statue, based on the character from the game.
  • Stellar Blade features post-apocalyptic Earth gameplay with combat strategies and exclusive PS5 integration.
  • Eve's role in the game involves combating Naytibas creatures and forming alliances to reclaim Earth.

A Stellar Blade fan is creating a model of the game's main character, Eve, using a 3D printer. With the highly anticipated release of Stellar Blade drawing near, this fan has showcased their enthusiasm for the game by creating and sharing their Eve statue with the community.

Stellar Blade is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, set to release on PlayStation 5. Stellar Blade unfolds in a post-apocalyptic Earth, with gameplay emphasizing combat strategies based on enemy attack patterns. The narrative revolves around Eve's mission to reclaim Earth from Naytibas creatures. The game's development involved exclusive PS5 integration and utilized innovative technologies like 3D scanning for character designs.

Twitter user garriola83 has shared an image of an Eve model from the highly anticipated game Stellar Blade, designed for 3D printing. Despite the statue lacking color at this stage, the level of detail and precision in the model showcases the fan’s dedication. The artist behind the 3D-printed Eve statue revealed that while the current iteration highlights the front part of the model, they are diligently working on completing the back part and intricacies such as the hair, with plans to tackle the sword as the final touch. The inspiration for the design was drawn from the Stellar Blade trailer.

What Is Eve's Role in Stellar Blade?

Eve is a pivotal character in the Stellar Blade narrative. She is a member of a squad deployed from the Colony to combat the monstrous Naytibas creatures and reclaim Earth following humanity's devastating loss in a war. Her mission will drive her to navigate challenges, form alliances with key characters, and forge relationships with the inhabitants of Xion, humanity's last stronghold on Earth. In terms of gameplay, Eve features a precision-based combat style, requiring players to master enemy attack patterns, execute well-timed maneuvers, and utilize unique mechanics for powerful skills and buffs.

Those who already have had the chance to try Stellar Blade before its launch have been impressed by the engaging combat mechanics, drawing comparisons to titles like FromSoftware's Sekiro for its focus on precise parrying and rewarding gameplay. However, the game's story has been a point of contention, with criticisms directed towards its overt sexualization of the main character, Eve, and other female characters, contrasting with the serious tone of the narrative.

As the Stellar Blade release date approaches, the showcase of this Eve statue serves as a testament to the fan’s excitement surrounding the game. Whether the game will meet players' expectations remains to be seen.

Platform(s) PS5 Released April 26, 2024 Developer(s) Shift Up Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment

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